Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Monday Tuesday

I'm back to the grind today with work and even though it's Tuesday, it feels like Monday, so I decided to do two birds Inspiration Monday on a Tuesday.  Confused?  Me too.  But here we go with Keri Russell here anyway.  Side note - if you've never seen her in the show The Americans, check it out, it's a great show.  Also, I've been a fan of Keri's since her Mickey Mouse Club days while I'm sure everyone else mostly remembers her from Felicity.

Anyway, here's my take.  I'm still learning how to use Nate's camera, so these did not turn out the greatest, but I did my best this morning!  I kind of took the look backwards, stripes on the bottom instead of the top.

Tank top - Blue As Skies, Skirt - Merona (Target)
Shoes - Anne Klein (from cousin) 

Now let's just hope my "Monday" is kind to me.  I came back to many emails, so I guess I'd better hop to it!

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  1. CUTE! Love the way you styled this, stripes are always a yes!

  2. Cute how you wore the stripes for the skirt! Hope you have a good day at work after your long weekend :)

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  3. Fabulous look, Beth - I like your interpretation!

  4. Cute! You nailed it! I really liked her in that movie "Waitress", I thought she was great.

  5. Bravo!!! Really good take on it! X

  6. Cute. I love that skirt. I didn't watch Felicity, but I have heard great things about The Americans. I will definitely check it out one of these days!

  7. I hope your Tuesday didn't feel too much like a Monday! I love that you did the inspiration look in reverse, it's so cute!


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