Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thrift Style Thursday - Metallica

Our theme for Thrift Style Thursday this week is metallics.  I had a few fun pieces I wanted to pull out for today.  I went for sort of a mixed metal feel.  It's funny, I was always a straight silver girl for a number of years and then I realized that I do like gold too - and even better, that's ok to mix the two!

I adore this dress - I actually bought it via a fellow Thrift Style Thursday gal - Miche of Buttons and Birdcages from her Storenvy right before my shopping ban.  I wore this dress for Ollie's six month pictures and have been wearing it quite a bit this summer overall.  It's so comfy, I can't get enough of it.

I added this Tiganello bag I thrifted back in May - it's more silver than gold, but I love how in the light it actually looks kind of gold too.  I recently saw what this style Tiganello bag is retailing for new and realized I got it for a steal at the thrift shop!  I added this sweater because it was a little chilly yesterday morning when I was taking these photos - even it has some metallic to it, it has flecks of a rose gold colored thread.  I took a picture more in detail that you'll see further down the post.  I finished the look with gold sandals I bought from an Instagram shop and then a mixed metal charm necklace that isn't thrifted, but is very cute!

Dress - Storenvy (Buttons and Birdcages), Sweater - LOFT (consignment)
Bag - Tiganello (thrifted), Sandals - Madden Girl (Instagram shop)
Necklace - Lia Sophia

So does all this metal talk make anyone else want to listen to some old school heavy metal music?  I had to laugh, when we were driving up to the cabin we were having trouble finding a station to listen to, but the "metal" station in the Twin Cities has a pretty decent range so it followed us quite a way - and I was shocked at how "tame" it is now compared to what it used to be! Not to say I was ever a metal head, but still - the face melting days seem to be over!  Give me some Enter Sandman, come on!

For other metallic mavens, check out the other Thrift Style Thursday gals below!
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  1. I used to stay up "late" to watch Headbangers Ball when I was a kid. That ages me...
    I love your metallics! Those sandals are so fun!

  2. I love this outfit - that silver/gold metallic is one of my favourites. I'm also wearing metallic today and I didn't even know it was a theme! I have always been a metal music fan, way back to the 70s!

  3. This is so cute! Love your sandals! I am wearing a chambray top today too!

  4. That is a great dress! I love all the details in this outfit - the necklace, the bag, those Madden sandals. Uh.. and the colour of your toe nails might just be my new favourite colour. What is the make and colour? I have been looking for an orangey coral for ages!

  5. I love your mixed metals, and I'm drooling over that gorgeous bag-what a find! I never used to wear gold either (I didn't think it looked good against my pale skin) but over the past few years it's grown on me.

  6. Beth, this dress is super cute and I LOVE the metallic gladiator sandals you've paired with it! So stylish and perfect for summer! And I totally laughed at your story of having to listen to the "tame" metal station in the car haha! :)


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