Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thrift Style Thursday - Bold Brights

Two posts in one day, craziness! I wanted to still do my Thrift Style Thursday, but Oliver's monthly birthday required a separate post. So it's a two-Bethie day!  Anyway, this week's Thrift Style Thursday is bold brights.  I knew right away I'd pull out this fun bright blazer I thrifted on Mother's Day and that I actually featured on another TST post shortly after that.  It's easily the boldest, brightest item in my closet so it only made sense!

I am also experimenting with Nate's Canon EOS camera for my outfit pictures - I am hoping to get some better quality by doing so instead of using my extremely old Nikon Coolpix.  So far I think I like the results!

It is a seriously beautiful day outside, I think when Ollie wakes up from his nap we'll have to go for a little walk!  And later I have that dang dentist appointment I mentioned yesterday, but I fully intend to enjoy the day with my boy until then!

 Blazer - Sweet Child (thrifted), Tank top - Motherhood Nursing top
Jeans - American Eagle (thrifted), Necklace - Butterfly Boutique

I'm looking forward to 4th of July festivities tomorrow too, we have some picnicking to do but before that we're checking out another flea market since Nate is on a holy mission to find old school Nintendo games.  It will be a full day I think, but hopefully a fun one!  I may or may not get to post tomorrow - so I shall wish all my fellow US friends a happy and safe 4th of July now just in case!  

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  1. Lurv the colors! It is going to be an excellent day for a walk!

  2. Wow what an awesome blazer! And it's so you! Hopefully we can meet sometime in person soon, I am still sad you couldn't make it to our sale!

  3. I agree with Zhenya ...amazing blazer! Those colours are such an unexpectedly great combination! :)

  4. GREAT blazer, really suits you!!! Have a lovely walk x

  5. What a hip outfit! Trendy color-blocking with nice shapes. Go, Bethie!

    And congrats on blogging up a storm. You seem enthused about blogging lately which is nice to see. Have a happy holiday. (If you're missing any beer from the fridge, um...)

  6. This look is one of my favorites, Beth. I love these bright colors on you!!

  7. Super cute outfit! Just started following you on ig - our babies weee born just days apart! :)

  8. That jacket is super cute! You pull off orange so well!

  9. That color is so great on you!! I love the blazer! I hope you had a great weekend!!


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