Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cargo Cutie

I've been meaning to pull out my cargo vest for summer and I just haven't done it yet.  In fact, I have hardly worn this vest at all, which is just a crime!  I remember going on and on about how much I wanted one, so I should be using it more since I actually bought it months ago at this point! I think I've worn it once so far besides this!  I have some other summer style ideas for it, so I will have to start pulling it out more!

It was seriously hot here yesterday and I should have been wearing this, but instead I was silly and wore a maxi dress with a short sleeved sweater on top - it was nice because I didn't have to shave but I ended up so warm by the end of the day, even with being in air conditioning.  Today's outfit is much more comfortable, although it's much more comfortable outside too!

Dress - Gap (thrifted), Vest - Old Navy
Necklace - Charming Charlie, Bracelets - Stella and Dot
Sandals - from cousin

I've also started wearing bracelets again after a bit of a hiatus and let me tell you - Mr. Oliver sure loves them!  They're perfect entertainment for him while he sits on my lap and the best part is, he really can't get them off my wrist, so it keeps him occupied for quite awhile!  Mommy fashion for the win!
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  1. Cute dress and vest! Looks amazing together!

  2. The dress looks so cute layered with your cargo vest!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Love this look! That is a cute vest :) I hope that you get a chance to style it up more.

  4. I like the combo! V cute. Oh dear, I also needed to shave my legs but I went right ahead and wore a shorter skirt anyway!!! Nice!!!! X

  5. I love the vest paired with your cute sundress. Such a fun way to get to wear the vest during the summer!

  6. Hey there vest twin! I love how you wore yours today too--I love the pretty colors of that dress. Great minds think alike, right? :)


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