Thursday, July 3, 2014

Oliver - 7 months

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Stop. Time just stop. How is my baby ANOTHER month older??  I just can't believe how fast this last month went, I suppose that was in part due to being on vacation the first week of June and a multitude of other events, but seriously.  And I love, love, LOVE this age.  I had a friend say once that while she loved all her babes as newborns, she appreciated them more after about month four or five and I totally get it - the early months can be hard, but now there's a personality developing and he's just becoming a person and it's so fun.  So, here's our monthly update on my sweet boy!

Weight - 20 pounds and some change.  At the doctor on July 9th he was 19 pounds 15 oz, we weighed him a couple of weeks later by putting his car seat on the scale and he was just over 20.

Height - 27ish inches.

Nicknames - Ollie, Buddy, Little Man, Kiddo, Little Boy, Houdini, Magician Man, the Captain, Grumps (on bad days only of course), Pumpkin, Sweetie Pie

Sleep - With the exception of a few shaky days lately, he's doing amazingly well - he sleeps in his own room now and in his crib for all naps - most nights he only wakes up once about halfway through (after a dreamfeed when I go to bed around 10 that is) though the last couple of nights he's woke up twice.  He's still all business when he wakes up, just needs that tiny snack to get back to sleep.  I'll take it.  I can see light at the end of the tunnel on this.

Eating - Big news here - he is still breastfed, but he started solids, we started with green beans and are moving to zucchini with potato next.  He also has gummed the odd cracker here and there as well.

Diapers - Size 3 and should still be there for a little bit yet.

Clothes - Mostly 12-18 month sizes, a few size 9 things still fit but he's most comfortable in size 12 month.  His growth does seem to be slowing a bit which we're kind of thankful for!  We got a bunch of hand me downs from Nate's co-worker for summer and that has been wonderful!

Mood - Pretty even keel I have to say!  He has his grump moments (all babies do) but all around he's starting to really be a happy, easy going guy.  We love this because he's now much more easy to take and do things with and not be worried about a meltdown moment.  We have still had the occasional meltdown, but that is usually due to extreme lack of sleep, either from less napping or being up a little past bedtime.  We try to keep him on a decent schedule though and that helps a ton.

Loves - Mommy, Daddy, his grandparents and Auntie, Taylor and slowly getting to be friends with Pippin, stroller time, being outside, swimming, bath time, Sophie the Giraffe, Kermit the Frog (yay!), elephants, Wubbanub Monkey, music, the dining room curtain, sleeping on his tummy, playing with his feet

Dislikes - Being overtired, the end of a long road trip in the car, days we can't go outside, being cold, being startled, getting his diaper changed

Milestones/what I want to remember - His first vacation hands down was the best thing ever this last month, moving on to solid foods, watching him sleep in his own crib, going swimming for the first time, eating food for the first time even if isn't his favorite, his smiles - they're like gold.

Dear Oliver,
Baby boy, you are just the light of my life, you never cease to make me smile.  I loved our vacation this month and I loved being able to be with you 24/7 for a few days.  I'm working hard at not shopping so I will be able to be home with you more, because you are just growing up too fast and I'm missing out.  But the times we do get together, they are just the best.  I love how you giggle and laugh at daddy (he is pretty funny) and how you are discovering something new every day like your feet.  I cherish every second with you and while I hate you growing up so fast, I just can't wait to see what's to come next!

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  1. Wow!!! I can't believe that he's 7 months already! Time is flying by, but he's such a cute and happy boy! Love you Oliver!

  2. I sure have been away for a long time! My goodness...he's already 7 months old! He's a cutie. You are so blessed :)

  3. I can't believe he is already 7 months! What a cutie!!!!!!

  4. The photo of him with the food on his face is just SO cute! His expression is priceless!

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  5. He is so adorable! Lurv the picture of him eating green beans! <3

  6. Aww, he is so precious. Starting solids is pretty fun I think. And I agree, time goes WAY too fast!! I love each new stage though, it really does get better and better.


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