Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer uniform

Happy Monday!  You'd never know it was the middle of July by how I'm dressed today!  They are actually using the words "Summer polar vortex" to describe our weather this week.  Really weather guys?  Sigh. Oh well, I find that this summer "uniform" of mine so to speak is easy to make work for a cool day if need be! Maxi skirt, tank top, jacket, scarf. Done.  If it was warm out I'd just ditch the jacket!

Jacket - White House, Black Market (consignment), Tank top - Liz Lange nursing (Target)
Maxi skirt - from cousin, Scarf - Target, Shoes - Xhilaration (Target) 

Do you have a "go to" look for summer?  And please tell me you're having warmer weather than I am!!
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  1. I haven't minded the weather, but I do love a warm, sunny day. This outfit is so fun. I love the colors of that skirt!

  2. This is so cute, I absolutely love it! I actually like the cooler weather right now haha, mostly because I feel like we were cheated out of a fall last year and a spring this year, so now hopefully it is being made up for! ;) I get crabby in really really warm weather, but I could deal with it getting back up to 80!

  3. Love the print on your maxi! I actually wouldn't mind a cooler's been very humid here and my hair is not liking it!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. I think that this is really cute! It is hot and muggy here! I think it is supposed to cool off tomorrow though. We are going to wind up with 80 degree days in October again. I think my summer uniform is just a sundress with flat shoes.

  5. Whoa, that skirt is COOOOOOL!!!! Love its summer vibe!!!! X

  6. Lovely skirt Beth....our weather isn't great either but we have been promised some sun at the end of the week:)

  7. Yes you look dressed for Fall. Yes, it is hot here, but my house is natural cool and we have a 'swamp / evaporation cooler' on the roof so we hardly use it, but we have it on today. Thanks for your encouraging words. Only seven more weeks of chemo and its symptoms = Aug 29, just in time for labor day. I wanted to do a post with my wig but I can't do that. But my hair won't be the length in that photo until 30 days after the last 21 days after. So at the end of Sept or into October will my hair be about a half inch long. Yay! Yay for short hair! Yay. LOL

  8. You really do get some good stuff from your cousin - love that skirt! :) And isn't a jean jacket perfect for most seasons? We still had weather in the mid-80s today, but the next 3 days will only be in the 70s. I have to admit that I'm kind of excited about that little dip in the temperature though. :)

  9. Yeah that same cool weather is headed our way too...weird. I'm pretty happy about it though! I love that maxi skirt, it's such a fun print and color. My denim jacket is also a go-to for me--I wear it constantly!


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