Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Our new favorite hobby has suddenly become disc golf (Frisbee golf).  We had tried it quite a few years ago before we got married and just didn't really get too into it at that time.  Last month while Nate's cousins were up visiting one of the parks we went to use the beach at had a disc golf course.  They thought that disc golf sounded fun and wanted to give it a try, so they all went and bought discs and went playing one day.  At first I didn't really want to join in, but Nate convinced me to give it a try and I ended up really enjoying it.  We've found it's actually a great activity we can do on a weekend morning and we can bring Ollie along quite easily.

So you might find yourself wondering, how does one play disc golf?  Well first you need a set of discs.  A standard set will come with the only three discs you truly need to be able to play.  A driver, midway and putter disc.  You can buy other discs that are weighted differently as you kind of work on your skill, but you'll get by just fine with the main three if that is all you have.  Nate took and fashioned a backpack into a disc golf carrier for us too, it makes it easier for playing.  We hang the backpack off of Ollie's stroller and we're good to go!

Next you need to find a park with a disc golf course!  There are some with nine holes, some with twelve and some with eighteen.  We're lucky enough to have one near our house that has twelve holes.  We have found we can get a round in in about an hour or so.  Each hole has a net that you're throwing your discs to.  You start from the launch pad that is set up and throw your driver.  Then you go to where your driver landed and you throw another disc.  You keep going until you hit the net.  It sounds fairly simple, but it can be hard! Some holes have you throwing through trees, over water, and of course, being that it's like frisbee, the wind can be a factor too!

I'm not super great at it, but I enjoy being able to do something outside with both of my boys!  Another perk is that unlike regular golf, once you buy your discs, disc golf is pretty much a free activity.  There are a number of other parks around us that we'd like to try, but right now it's so easy to go to the one that's five minutes away!

We go nice and early since Oliver is an early riser and so we're usually home in time for his morning nap.  He enjoys watching us and being outside.  Once he slept through the whole thing because we got a later start, but most of the time he's awake the whole time.  We rarely run into other people, although we've seen one guy a couple of times and he complimented us and said it was nice to see us out with our son. I would have to agree!

I am not looking forward to the snow arriving in a couple of months and not being able to go anymore for a while.  Until then though, we'll keep up with it on the weekends, we can all bundle up if need be!

Have you ever tried disc golf?

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