Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Style Challenge Recap

So I took on three different style challenges on Instagram this month - Style Me September, Pinned It Spinned It and Patterns.  I didn't hit each one every day, but I had fun with the ones I was able to do.  I had the easiest time with Pinned It Spinned It - probably because it was easy to take the suggested outfit and create one of my own.  At any rate, I had fun playing along and because I don't share my outfits every day here I thought I'd highlight some of my favorites from this month.

I was going to take October off from any of the style challenges but then I saw a few that sounded fun, so because I like the Inspiration, I'm taking on three more again - Fall Style Challenge Still Being Molly, Outstanding October Style with Curvy Girl on the Run and I don't have the calendar from them yet, but I'm doing Jamie and Amy's Pinned It Spinned It again too.  Between the three I will always have some sort of inspiration for what I should wear that day!  It sure does help some mornings, I have to say that much!  Once again, you can follow along on my Instagram which is also on the right side of my blog here.  I may highlight outfits in blog posts every now and then too.  Onward to October!

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