Monday, September 29, 2014

Summer strikes back

Just off of another very nice weekend - we were spoiled here in Minnesota with very summerlike weather.  It was a perfect day on Saturday for a round of disc golf in the morning followed by the Autumn Brew Review in the afternoon!
The park we disc golf at is just starting to have it's trees turn color - I think by next week it will be even more vibrant, though I don't know if we'll get out there next weekend, got a few things going on!

The Autumn Brew Review was a lot of fun too - it was the third festival in the ticket series we bought for this year.  It's neat that they hold this particular event in the parking lot of the old Grain Belt Brewery - which ironically is where Nate's office is now!  This event was huge - there were almost 125 breweries present from both Minnesota and some other spots in the US.  We had a great time going around and sampling - there is no way we could have gotten to all of the places though!  

My only complaint was the lack of shade, while it was great to soak up a sunny day, after awhile the sun actually got to be a bit much.  We made sure to take a lot of water breaks.  I did end up with a mild sunburn at the end of the day though!  The best part of this event taking place right outside Nate's office?  After we'd had our fill we were able to stop in his office for more water, a comfy place to sit and a nice indoor restroom to use while we waited for his dad to pick us up! 

We went back and dinner with Nate's parents as they had kindly watched Oliver for us.  He decided to be a bit of a stinker on Saturday and not nap terribly much, so we got him to bed fairly early and then played some cards with Nate's parents as well.  

Sunday was a nice calm day at home.  We got up and took our time making a nice breakfast at home. Oliver played and worked on his new skills - not only does he crawl, but he now will pull himself to a standing position on things.  All that work makes a boy tired, so he napped much better for us!  We did some boring things too like shop for new patio furniture - I was shocked we managed to find some this late in the season, but we desperately wanted something different for our deck before our annual Oktoberfest next month and we were lucky to find some at Menards.  While Ollie took his afternoon nap we made some homemade applesauce and it turned out fabulously.  Ollie woke up smiling and showing off his newest skill.

The weekend ended on a little bit of a sour note.  We don't usually get too into politics, but this election there's an issue on the ballot in our little town that is important to us and we had a yard sign in our yard supporting this issue.  Someone who opposed the issue decided that they opposed it so much that they needed to steal the sign out of our yard.  That just didn't sit well with me - how dare they infringe on my freedom of speech, trespass on my private property and theft my sign?  We were able to get a replacement, but it just makes you really question the world you live in sometimes.  We tried not to dwell on it too much though.  It was just a tiny blimp in an otherwise awesome weekend that may be the last warm one we'll get! It's already cooler today!  I hope you all had a good weekend too!
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