Monday, September 22, 2014

Inspiration Monday - Hedgehog Heaven

Happy Monday!  Another weekend gone by too fast, amiright?  To get back in the swing of the week I'm participating in two birds Inspiration Monday today.  Today's look is a fun casual outfit from Victoria Justice (who dat?  I'm not up on these things lately).

My look here is from Friday - I shared on Instagram and received a bunch of sweet compliments, so I decided that this look worked as an inspired look for today!  Fun animal themed graphic t-shirt?  Check!  Instead of boots I wore some fun heels with my jeans though - it was warm on Friday!

So right now, Kohls has a bunch of these slub t-shirts with fun animal prints on them and my mom was sweet enough to grab this one for me when she picked up that floral jacket I wore last week.  Hedgehogs are delightful aren't they? I have this cute pinecone hedgehog family that sits on the half wall in the entry way of my house - one hedgehog has actually gone missing though.  I am betting the thief has four paws and black fur and answers to the name Pippin.  I'm guessing if I look under the couch I'll find the missing hedgehog.

Anyway, I love that there are different patterns on each of these guys on this shirt.  I think I could dress up this shirt too with a nice pair of pants and a blazer.  There's another one in this set that has foxes on it - I think I may have to go back and get that one.  Cause you know me and foxes.  (Where did I even get that addiction anyway?)

Shirt - Sonoma (Kohls), Jeans - Old Navy
Shoes - Steve Madden (consignment), Bag - Merona (Target)
Bracelet - Stella and Dot, Necklace - clothing swap

Anyway, me and my fun outfit didn't do much of anything exciting on Friday besides work and dinner at my parents followed by a movie at home with Nate, but I still loved wearing it all day!  The rest of our weekend was pretty good too - we played disc golf and got to go apple picking at a local orchard - more to come on those things this week in separate posts!  For now this post is long enough, so I shall end by telling you to check out the two birds blog for other Inspiration Monday outfits!
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  1. I love that shirt, it is so cute! Your mom is seriously, the best!

  2. Such a cute look! That shirt os so cute, and I love the jeans and shoes, too!

  3. Don't feel bad, I have no idea who that chick is either. I'm so far behind the times I've given up trying. Your outfit is very cute though! I have a friend who has an actual live hedgehog named Patrick (lol, I don't know about her sometimes) and I think she needs to know about that shirt!

  4. This is such a cute look--I love the hedgehogs. And the heels with the jeans, so sassy!! (Yeah, I have no idea who the inspiration person is either...I'm so out of the pop-culture loop.)

  5. I love hedgehogs and foxes too! That shirt is too adorable! :) Have you seen this video of a guy rescuing a baby fox that gets his head stuck in a can? The fox is the cutest thing ever!



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