Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Five - Christmas wishlist, beer edition

I still love doing gratitude posts but after doing up TIGF pretty big for the month of November I'm giving myself a little break and have decided to be greedy today instead and talk about my Christmas Wishlist.  I found five items I wouldn't mind seeing under the tree (psst, hey Nate) and somehow they all ended up beer related.  I think maybe it has something to do with the fact that we're doing a Beer Advent this December (thanks to Alice from Dining With Alice for the invite!) so maybe I just have beer on the brain or something.  Here are five beer related items I think are pretty nifty:

I actually saw this shirt at the I Like You booth at the State Fair this summer and have been kicking myself for not getting one.  I noticed the I Like You store in Minneapolis has these, so if Santa doesn't bring me one perhaps I need to go down there!

This shirt from the Beer Dabbler store in St. Paul is pretty cute and kind of funny.  There's another one that talks about designated drivers, but I think the "another round, that's what she said" is a little more fun.

These bottlecap necklaces, again from I Like You, are super cute as well.  From what I was reading, each one is a little different.  I love my home state and my city, so I'd love to sport one of these!

This plaid sweatshirt from the local beer publication "The Growler" is too fun.  And it's plaid.  You all know how much I love plaid.  This looks like it would be super warm too.

And finally, from one of my favorite MN breweries, I have been telling Nate for months now that I'd love a sweatshirt from Indeed Brewing - not only do we love their beer, but we also both tend to say "indeed" a lot, so it just feels appropriate.  Not to mention, Nate has a t-shirt from there, Ollie has a onesie from there, I think it's time for me to match!

I gain nothing from promoting these local businesses, I just really think these items are super fun.  I could think of a few other things I wouldn't mind having, but we'll just keep this to a Friday Five list this week.  What's on your wishlist?
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