Thursday, December 18, 2014

Still Standing

Oh my friends.  It has been a week.  I don't wish this bug that went through our house on my worst enemy.  I made it to work today but we'll see for how long, poor Oliver's still not quite 100% and now Nate's gone down with the ship. It has officially hit each one of us between us and my parents and it just sucks.  I'm more or less over it and am at least getting an appetite back, so there's that.

I tell you though, nothing like a hard sickness to hit your household to make you feel like Scrooge or the Grinch.  I am all but ready to cancel Christmas.  I'm so far behind I don't even know what to do to get caught up.  I don't want any presents, I just want all my loved ones to feel better.  That's pretty much it.

Sweaterdress - H&M, Sweater - Old Navy (From friend)
Tights - Old Navy, Boots - Target
Scarf - from Secret Santa Swap 

So sorry for the downer post.  The positive thing is I'm here, I'm still standing and life will go on. It's just hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel right now.  If anyone has any Christmas cheer to send my way, please do, cause I'm just having trouble finding it right now.
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