Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Oliver - One YEAR Update

Holy cow, my baby is one year old today.  ONE YEAR OLD!  We survived the first year, lol!  And more importantly, so did he!  I just can't believe how fast the time went by, it's so true it goes so fast. At any rate, while I do miss that little baby at times, I absolutely love the little boy he is becoming. Let's look at the last month!

Height - Around 30 inches.  This kid is getting tall!  

Weight - We haven't checked lately, we'll find that out at his doctor appointment on Monday.

Nicknames - Ollie, Ollie-boy, Ollie-man, Little Man, Pretzel Boy, Monster, Monkey, Kiddo, Squirmy Worm, Little Guy, Smiles

Sleep - I wrote a post about that this month and was overwhelmed by the support - thank you all.  He still isn't sleeping through the night but I am kind of at peace with where we're at.  He's doing better after a week of not sleeping great at night, he had a cold and was cutting a molar we think so that affected him a bit.  Now he's on a bit of a nap strike, but he's sleeping better at night.  It's a work in progress, we just keep at it!

Eating - Everything we eat pretty much!  We still make some veggie purees and what not, but he is eating more and more regular food and there is very little he does not like.  His favorite is going to restaurants with us and getting bits of what we're having.  And he loved all the Thanksgiving food! We are starting the transition to cow's milk.  I'd nurse him forever if I could, but I'm so over pumping. We're not rushing the process though, we're doing it gradual and so far so good!

Diapers - SAME!  We haven't had to size up for quite some time and I'm so happy about it.  Love that we're staying in size 4!

Clothes - Also the same!  18-24 and holding!  I'd be happy if that didn't change for quite some time to come!

Mood - Other than the week of the cold and teething from hell, he's still been a super happy little guy!

Says - Mama, mom, dada (sometimes, not as much as daddy would like!), up, and well, he's kind of been saying a naughty word that starts with "Sh" and we're trying to encourage him to change it to shoe or shirt instead.  We're not perfect, lol.

Loves - Mommy, daddy, the kitties, anything that isn't a toy, crawling everywhere, climbing stairs, bath time, Curious George cartoons, fun music, dancing in the living room with mommy, mealtime

Dislikes - Diaper changes and clothing changes, getting bundled up to go outside, when things are taken away from him

For fun, I made a collage of all his monthly pictures from the last year.  It's so fun to see all the changes!

Milestones/Things I want to remember - He has been saying more words or testing out sounds, he claps when he likes something, walking at the mall, family photos with Erin, celebrating his first Thanksgiving, visiting the Children's Museum, finding things to do to entertain ourselves when we can't be outside.

Dear Oliver,
A year ago today I went to work but wasn't sure if I should or not because I thought there was a chance you might be trying to tell me you were ready to come out and play.  I made it through half the day and realized you definitely were ready.  I went home and daddy came home soon after and we waited for a bit to go to the hospital and then when we did, you were just about ready to meet us! You came out in a nice warm bathtub and we spent the rest of the night cuddling you.  I always laugh at the fact that you decided to have your first poop on daddy's bare skin!  We were so happy you were finally with us and you have been the light of our lives, the moon and the stars and everything we could have possibly wished for in a little boy.  We love you more than we can ever say.  Happy birthday sweet boy!

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