Thursday, December 11, 2014

Unofficial Thrift Style Thursday

Well I'm just a creature of habit.  Even though we're taking Thrift Style Thursday off this month as a group, I still wanted to share a thrifty outfit because A. it's cute and B. as I said, it's kind of habit at this point!

Truth be told this outfit isn't super thrifted - the skirt is actually a sweater dress that I got from Tandem Vintage - though I got a great deal because owner Amanda is a friend and a total sweetheart, but sometimes just because something is vintage doesn't mean it's going to be cheap!  I got lucky on this one!  I thought it would make a great skirt if I pull a sweater over it, and I really like the look, it really modernizes it quite a bit!

Sweater - St. John's Bay (JCPenney), Dress as Skirt - Tandem Vintage (formerly Salvaged Strawberry), Tights and boots - Old Navy, Necklace - Stella and Dot, Bag - Merona (Target) 

I'm dressed for kicking butt and taking names today - I had tried to go to the post office late in the day yesterday to get some blog Secret Santa packages mailed out and the line was out the door.  I should have known better honestly, but I was still a little surprised.  We moved two inches in 10 minutes and I had to go get Ollie, so I just said fine, I'll get there right when they open in the morning and just duck out of work for a few minutes.  So I did just that and I was the second person in line.  In, out, done.  Boom.  Sorry to my Secret Santa giftees that your gifts are coming one day later, but they're on their way now!  And that's pretty much my only story today!
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