Monday, April 27, 2015

Inspiration Monday - Fast Weekend

Happy Monday!  Did anyone else think the weekend went way too fast?  I sure did!  It was a really good one though and it seems the best ones are the ones that always go too quickly.  Anyway, taking the sting off the end of the weekend is a fun inspiration from two birds.  I loved this look from Britt Robertson.

I had a different top in mind when I saw the one she was wearing, but as soon as I put it on today I was like, ew, Frump City, so my favorite polka dot top from ModCloth won the prize of being worn today instead.  I added a light sweater because spring in MN is fickle. It'll be warmer later today for possibly going with bare arms!  I also like that adding this sweater brought in just a little color. While I like the classic feel of a black and white look, I can't help liking a pop of color too!

 Sweater - I Love H81 (thrifted), Top - ModCloth
Pants - Denzien (Target), Necklace - Stella and Dot
Shoes - Anne Klein (from cousin)

So as I said above, it was a good weekend.  We pretty much had our entire weekend free to do whatever we wanted, when we wanted and while those are the best type of weekends, they can leave you almost as exhausted by the end!  We stayed in on Friday because of the rain, but Saturday was gorgeous and aside from Ollie's naptime I think we were pretty much outside the entire day.  And in fact, Nate and I even sat outside during his nap!  The best weekends end with you falling into bed and pretty much passing out from an overdose of fresh air!  I hope you all had a good weekend too!  And be sure to check out two birds over here for more Inspiration Monday looks!
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