Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thrift Style Thursday - Spring Cleaning

The theme for this week's Thrift Style Thursday was chosen by Megan from Traverse and she challenged us to clean out our closets and bring something out that hasn't seen the light of day in awhile.  I have been in constant clean out mode lately so it seemed like this theme would be easy - but the first item I chose actually no longer fit and I will admit to scrambling a bit and cheating slightly, but regardless, here's my look for today!

I wish we were having more spring like weather this week, but it's been cold and rainy, so I instead chose to sort of winterize a spring-y item.  And now you're wondering, how is this cheating the theme this week?  Well, this dress (that I'm wearing as a skirt) isn't THAT old.  I bought it last year from a fellow TST member's Storenvy site.  But, I haven't worn it since last summer, so it's kind of bringing an old item back to life.  The item that is getting worn for the first time in almost two years is my star sweater - and it wasn't actually thrifted.  So that's my story, honesty is the best policy right?  I gave it my best shot this week!

Sweater - Mossimo (Target), Dress - via Buttons and Birdcages Storenvy
Tights - Old Navy, Shoes - DSW
Bag - Stella and Dot (ThredUp)

I really like how this look turned out though even if it wasn't my original intended look for the day! As I clean out my closet I am finding more and more things that I'm sadly just getting rid of instead of breathing new life into them!  Guess it just means I'll be doing a little more thrifting instead of shopping my own closet!

Check out what the other Thrift Style Thursday ladies found in their closets as they cleaned them out at their blogs below!

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