Wednesday, November 16, 2011


So it has finally gotten cold outside, much more like what we're used to for November here in MN anyway! I am one of those weird ones who don't mind cold weather too much, especially when we're not yet digging out from 12 inches of snow.  Anyway, since it was colder today, I went for a blazer.  I thought of doing a sweater, but then I thought this would be just as warm.

I have actually had this blazer for all five years I've been in a "professional" environment.  See, I started my career as a youth minister right out of college, but after two years decided it wasn't my thing and headed into office work.  As a youth minister I wore jeans and sweatshirts to work pretty much since I was just with kids, so when I got an office job, my parents helped me buy some what my mom called "grown up" clothes, and this blazer was one of them.  It's classic, has held up nicely over the years, especially when it is just from Target believe or not!

I do have to laugh, sometimes when I've worn it, co-workers have asked me if I had an interview scheduled or something because it is such a dressy look, and not one I do terribly often.  I've always responded, nope, just felt like wearing a blazer to wear a blazer!  I am hoping to wear this one more often again, it hasn't gotten as much use in the last couple of years.

I'm quite proud of myself today too because I styled my necklace in a different way than I've done before!  I wanted something not as long and almost more "bib" style to go with this outfit, which I don't really have, so I took my two La Coco strands from Stella and Dot and worked them into exactly what I was looking for!  I'm still not even sure how I did it, but I absolutely love the result.

Tomorrow there will not be an outfit post more than likely.  I am off of work to go with a friend of mine to stand in line in the morning for a copy of a CD that one of our local radio stations puts out every year.  It has live performances from various artists that they compile throughout the year and all the proceeds go to charity.  Only so many are made each year and then are sold at our area Target stores and they sell out FAST.  We get in line every year around 6:00 am and have never missed a copy!  So that is our plan for tomorrow and I'm pretty sure my attire will be layered sweats and a heavy jacket - not exactly blog worthy! It's going to be cold out there, but it is every year and we just dress for it!  It should be a fun day.

I'll be back on Friday!  Have a great day today and tomorrow everyone!

Blazer - Mossimo from Target (several years old)
Shell - Cinema Etoile (handed down from cousin)
Pants - Style and Co. from Macy's
Necklace - La Coco from Stella and Dot
Earrings - Charming Charlie
Shoes - Sonoma from Kohl's


  1. Lovely necklace layering. Re: your comment - I actually caught Glee last night! My mom watches it, and has gotten me into it.

  2. I like the necklace. I have been bundling up all week. It's gotten cold!


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