Friday, November 11, 2011

Visual Friend Friday - To "makeup" or not to "makeup"

Today's Visual Fashion Beauty Friend Friday is being hosted by Franca of Oranges and Apples.  She asked us if we'd be so bold as to post pictures of ourselves not wearing makeup and to discuss our relationship with makeup.  So here goes nothing.  Me without makeup:

This is a brave move on my part, I'm not usually one to go without it these days.  And really, it's not that I feel I really, really need it, but I do not have nice skin.  I have a lot of blemishes and scars from old blemishes and also a touch of rosacea.  So I do what I can to kind of "hide" those things.  Honestly I don't think I look horribly, but I look pale and kind of tired.

I don't think I wear a TON of makeup and I try to keep it natural.  My staples are simple: Cover Girl Liquid Foundation, Cover Girl compact powder, various shades of eye shadows depending on what I'm wearing, Mascara and on the days the cheeks aren't too bad, a little blush.  Top it off with a shade of lip stick and that's that.  I don't do eye liner or lip liner.  I don't spend tons of money on my makeup either.  I wear what works and what keeps my skin from freaking out too much.

Here is the end result:

So really, I just try to use my makeup as an enhancement tool and a "cover up" for what isn't totally perfect.  I do not try to use it as a tool to hide behind (though it can really help me NOT look tired on days that I clearly am).  Can I go without it?  Sure.  Do I want to?  Not really.  Even on weekends or days I'm not planning to really be in public I try to wear a little bit.  I guess maybe I get that from my mom, she really doesn't go a day without wearing mascara.  I don't think I'm overly vein, I just feel more awake and alive with a splash of color.  I think keeping it simple is the key.

Here's a couple of pictures of my outfit today - 

I'm channeling 90's grunge a little bit with my flannel shirt.  It's casual Friday and my boss and I were going to be doing a little planting of some winter greenry at one of our clinics so I thought, this seems like an appropriate outfit!

It is definitely comfortable!  I like that the shirt is a little more fitted than the flannels we used to wear in 1992.  Gives it a more feminine and a more dressy feel.  I'm warm and cozy too!

To read more about others takes on makeup, visit Oranges and Apples.  For more information about Fashion Beauty Friend Friday or to join our Google group, visit Katy at Modly Chic.

Flannel and cami - Mossimo from Target
Jeans - Levis thrifted from Clothes Mentor
Necklace - Fun Sisters
Bracelet - Stella and Dot
Earrings - Butterfly Boutique


  1. Hello Beth! So brave for posting this! I absolutely love this weeks FBFF topic. I really hope that by posting this we at least get over that crazy feeling of need towards make up! For the record, I think you look great! You have beautiful eyes and I don't think they look tired at all! I also have a mother who hasn't gone a day in her life without wearing make up so it tends to rub off on you--but I try to live without it sometimes just to prove a point! haha! Great post!

  2. I'm with you in that I also use my makeup as an enhancement tool and cover up. If my skin is really good one week I'll completely forgo makeup most days other than a little mascara. But when I'm breaking out I panic if I don't have my proper foundation/concealer on me.

  3. Thanks for sharing with us! I think you have pretty eyes, not tired looking at all. My mom rarely wears makeup either, so I guess I take after her. Neither my grandmother nor great-gm wore much past lipstick, so I guess I tend to follow.

    Love your plaid shirt, There is nothing like a crisp fall day and a snuggly plaid shirt. I have one in blue I like to wear.

  4. I think you look adorable both ways. Kudos to you for baring it all. I'm loving this topic!
    :) f

  5. Thanks for taking part! You look great both ways!

  6. Aw you look great without makeup! I definitely agree that it should highlight your great features :)

  7. I also don't think i look awful without makeup but just prefer wearing it. I also don't wear a ton of makeup. My mom has rosacea. I do notice I tend to put on a lot more foundation on days that I run prior to seeing people at work or if I run during lunch. I need to cover up my bright red face. It works fairly well.

    I don't notice that much of a difference between the before and after pictures except the lipstick. That's what I notice on me too.


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