Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What's up with that face

Man, today is one of those days I almost thought of cropping my face out of the pictures - I honestly do not know what is up with my smile in a couple of these.  I am really not in a bad mood!  I think I must be tired today.

So here is another birthday goodie - I wanted to replace a gold sweater I used to have, so this one from JCPenney fits the bill.  It is soooooo soft and comfy!  I love it!

These pants change color in the light - the line in them can look turquoise or pink or gold - I have always most liked pairing something in the gold family with these pants, though I'm going to try experimenting more this year.

Yeah, seriously what is up with my face in this picture?  Seriously! Makes me think of a scene from the movie Father of the Bride II, when they are driving to the hospital and George is on sleeping pills with his face on the window of the car and the gang bangers are like "hey man, what's up with that face?"  Oh well.  The outfit looks good at least!  I love this necklace I got at Charming Charlie on clearance.  CLEARANCE.  Clearance at Charming Charlie is like "why don't you just pay me to take it away." No joke.  But anyway.  It works!

And yep, definitely tired today, cause I just can't think of anything else witty to say.  Have a great day!

T-shirt - Mossimo, Target (they still have them and they're crazy affordable if you need to stock up!)
Sweater - St. John's Bay, JCPenney
Pants - StarCity, Juniors dept at Herbergers (several seasons old)
Shoes - Mudd (handed down from mom)
Necklace - Charming Charlie
Earrings - Stella and Dot


  1. You don't look like you're in a bad mood at all! I like the bright yellow.

  2. Love the colorful necklace with the mustard sweater. The little pops of red set things off nicely.

    Don't feel bad about any odd faces - I think that's just the plight of the daily fashion blogger. Sometimes our faces don't portray how we really feel!


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