Monday, November 28, 2011

Inspiration Monday - Dressy Denim

Uffda, anyone else suffering from "Monday morning tough to come back to work after a long holiday weekend fatigue?"  I don't even have "the blues" so to speak, but it was tough to get up and get going today!  The weekend was just so wonderful, but then again, when you have two birthdays to celebrate in addition to Thanksgiving, that is bound to be the case!  The most exciting thing about my weekend?  I bought an iPhone yesterday.  I can't wait until it arrives!

Enough about all that though - it's Inspiration Monday!  This week's photo is the lovely Jessica Alba seen below here in a dressy denim looking shirt and dark jeans.  I was excited because I pretty much had the pieces necessary to try and "copy" this outfit!

Isn't her daughter adorable too? (If that is her daughter, which I assume it is?)  A good friend of mine from college is due at the end of the month with her first girl and I can't wait to shower her with pretty girly things.  Anyway, here's my interpretation of the outfit - worn yesterday to decorate my house and go iPhone shopping.

You'll notice my kitty is "photo bombing" a bit.  That's little Miss Taylor, she was kind of being my shadow yesterday, which is funny because the Pants Monkey is usually her favorite human in the house.

I've had this shirt a couple of years now actually, and typically wear it to work and dress it up more, so it was fun to try something in a more casual manner with it!  I like the look and the scarf helped keep me plenty warm!

Happy Monday and return to the grind!

Button shirt - Charter Club, Macy's
Cami - Old Navy
Jeans - Maurices
Shoes - Naturalizer handed down from mom
Scarf - Charming Charlie
Earrings - F21

For more Inspiration Monday outfits or to add your own, visit the lovely ladies at Two Birds!  And MN folks, don't forget their Holiday workshop is this weekend - I'm planning on checking it out!


  1. Sooo cute your cat there, I noticed her even before I read about her! Really cute!
    Your outfit is really very similar to the one Jessica Alba was wearing! I liked it very much - I love scarves, but it's so warm here... in some weeks (not fast enough!) I'll go back to the UK and will wear scarves again!
    Loved your shirt!!!!

  2. Great look! I like the scarf and the outfit very similar to Jessica's. I decorated my house this weekend too! Did you get an iPhone? I got one last month and love it!

  3. i love the layering! and your scarf is so pretty! again, happy belated birthday!

  4. i love that you made the dressy shirt a bit more casual by pairing it with jeans. it looks great! and that scarf is so pretty. i am sure you needed it yesterday. it was SO cold! oh, and your little kitty is so cute! i have been trying to talk my husband into getting a cat with no luck. maybe someday!

  5. A lovely scarf that- I like the juxtaposition against the white shirt! Oh your cat is lovely- I love the big bushy tail!

  6. I kitty! I like the scarf a lot.

  7. Cute, casual look! This is a great, simple, white button down--so versatile.
    That is Alba's daughter, Honor, and I love her outfit too! There are plenty of cute girly things out there, so you won't have trouble when your friend's daughter comes along:-)
    PS-You're going to ADORE your iphone!!


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