Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It feels good

Do you ever put together an outfit that you just feel really good about?  I like my outfits most days, but some times I really, REALLY like them.  There is just something about today's look that just feels so right.  Professional.  Confident.  Cute.

Hope everyone had a good Halloween yesterday.  In the end we did not dress up this year, but that is ok.  We had a good time people watching at a bar and seeing what other folks were dressed up as.  The best I saw was a gingerbread man, similar to the one in Shrek.

November I hope will be a good month.  My birthday is at the end of the month, so you can't go wrong with that.  My shopping ban ends on the 17th.  The new Muppet movie will be out later this month.  It's just going to be a good month I have decided!

I should mention again, the purse you see is not new, my mom and I have been passing it back and forth.  We made it more "our own" by taking off a heavy chain it originally had and adding cute little silver buttons.  I thought it was a nice color for fall, and again, a way to use a different bag without buying a new one.

T-shirt - Maurices
Sweater - H&M thrifted from Clothes Mentor
Pants - Old Navy
Shoes - Maurices
Purse - Lillian's Shoppes
Necklace, bracelet and earrings - La Coco collection from Stella and Dot
Watch - Charming Charlie

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