Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hobby ADD

I imagine by now most of you know about the craze of Pinterest - man is that place addictive! I see all these cool crafty things that people make and I'm like "I want to do that!"  It is a fun site, I really enjoy it, but it does not help me with my hobby ADD.  Yep, you heard me, I have hobby ADD.  See, I get really interested in something and decided I'm going to start doing it in my spare time but then something else catches my eye as something I want to try and before you know it, I'm bouncing from hobby to hobby.  Honestly, blogging has been the one hobby I've consistently stuck with, all the others I've tried, not so much.

I have recently started baking homemade cupcakes as my newest "hobby" (thanks once again to ideas I kept seeing on Pinterest).  So far I've made chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and then vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting.  I even bought decorating tips over the weekend to make the icing look prettier on top!  It's been fun trying out these recipes and I have ideas for more elaborate flavors now that I have the basics down, but I think I'll take a baking break this coming weekend so I don't get burned out on this hobby - and so the Pants Monkey and I don't each gain 20 pounds!

So what are the other hobbies I've dabbled in?  Let's see: Decoupage, scrapbooking, learning guitar, learning piano, jewelry making, crochet, knitting.  But I either lost patience with some of them, didn't have the time for some of them or simply lost interest in them.  The Pants Monkey and I have a shared hobby of homebrewing beer - it was really his hobby first, but I've gotten to where I enjoy helping him with it and I've even come up with a recipe of my own!

Getting back to Pinterest, it's really a very dangerous site for a person like me, but I just can't help being addicted to it!  I've added a "follow me on Pinterest" button to the side of my blog - feel free to stalk me and my boards and if you do, I'll follow/stalk you back.  Because even if I do have self proclaimed hobby ADD, I still like finding new ideas and fun new things to try!  If you are someone who hasn't received an invite to Pinterest yet (I think it's still invite only) let me know in the comments and I'll be happy to send you one.

So, are you like me and bounce around from activity to activity?  Or do you stick with one singular thing?  I have to say, I don't really mind being this way so much, because I like experiencing and trying new things and life is never boring!

Outfit rundown:
Thermal shirt - Mossimo, Target
Sweater - Aeropostale (old)
Pants - Nine West thrifted via Clothes Mentor
Necklaces - jerseymaids via Etsy (gift from friend), Stella and Dot
Shoes - Mudd, Kohls


  1. Cute trousers! I'm just as bad if not worse about hobbies. I change things up allll the time. If it's been done, I've probably tried it. Blogging is about the only constant. Well and reading.

  2. i'm sure i could admit to having that problem too. i wanted so badly to get into jewelry making and unfortunately i'm now left with a box full of beads and string that i just don't have the creativity to tackle! but i have to say, when you find that one hobby that sticks with you, it's so fun (i feel that way about sewing!). but believe it or not, i'm not on pinterest (yet?)!

    1. Heidi, I sent you an invite to Pinterest off of the email you have on your blog - check it out!

      Sewing is another hobby I'd love to try sometime!


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