Friday, January 20, 2012

Graceful I am not

Well we've made it to another Friday!  I used to work with a guy who'd say every week "is it Friday again?" in a joking tone of disbelief.  We'd laugh.  Anyway, seems Friday came rather quickly this week and I'm not complaining one bit!

It's still bitter cold here today.  Add to that a little light dusting of snow and we've got ourselves actual winter!  Anyway, due to the chill I went for a rather layered look today.  Good practice for Megan Mae and Keely's Layering challenge coming up at the end of the month.  Check out Megan's blog for details if you want to join in.  

I am pleased with how this outfit came together.  I was originally going to wear leggings with this little knit skirt, but with how cold it is outside, jeans are a warmer option .  I'll take any excuse to wear these gray boots too!  Although I have a funny story about them.  Remember when I wore them the day of the Pants Monkey's office party?  Well the thing is, these are a size too big for me.  I just had to have them though, I had a gift card the day I was buying them and I figured, even if they are smidge too big, they'll fit better over jeans and stuff like that.  So on that particular Friday I was walking some mail down to the first floor at work from the third floor.  I take the stairs as much as I can for the exercise during the day.  All of a sudden, my foot slipped inside the boot and I lost my footing and started stumbling down the stairs.  I did some impressive acrobatics to stay upright and somehow did after sliding down several stairs.  The worst part, there was a guy behind me and is like "are you all right?"  I'm like, oh yes, just a bruised ego thanks.  The things we do for fashion.  And exercise apparently.

I think I'll be a little more careful today.  Maybe even take the elevator.  Ha.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Outfit rundown:
Flower thermal - Decree, JCPenney
Black cami - Old Navy
Red sweater - Decree, JCPenney
Knit skirt - Grane, JCPenney
Jeans - Old Navy
Boots - Target
Necklace - Thrifted
Bracelet - Charming Charlie


  1. I love the look of the layers!!! Super cute and of course you can never go wrong with boots in my mind!

  2. Getting a leg up on the layers! Yowch, sorry about the boots. Get an insole for them! My feet tend to slide around in two pairs of my boots, even though they're the right length, they're a bit wide. An insole will help. You can get them to either go at the back or the front. I highly suggest foam ones VS the gel because the gel ones don't stay as structurally sound over the period of a day.

  3. Cute! I really, really love those boots, not to mention the floral print shirt!

  4. Oh no I'm very clumsy too so I sympathize! I really like this burgundy colour on you-very pretty!


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