Monday, January 2, 2012

Winter winds

So man, it is cold out there today.  Old Man Winter sure does still exist here in MN.  We have been so spoiled as of late, but were gifted with snow over the holiday this weekend and it brought with it cold winds and colder temps!  I hear warmer type stuff is coming back later this week though.  

So I decided with the cold weather, a sweater was a must today.  This is one of my Christmas gifts from my parents.  It's a nice simple warm sweater but it is so awesome when you see it up close - it has flecks of different colors so it can go with more or less anything.  You have to love that.

My shoes were a POOR choice today.  The parking lot that my office shares with the city is not cleared real well.  And of course, the city is CLOSED today so I can't call and complain.  But if they were open, they'd be hearing from me because even in more practical shoes, it is slick out in that lot.

It is pretty slick in spots for driving today too, makes me almost glad that many businesses are closed so not many folks are out on the road.  Seriously.  I drive a little CRV and it's a great car for getting through heavy snow, doesn't do so well on ice though.  I have done 180s several times in this car.  Speaking of my car, I have learned I have a fair number of repairs to be made on it, so I think I may be putting myself on another little shopping ban.  We'll see how things go.  The Pants Monkey's father used to work on all of our cars, but as of Jan 1st he's retired - how dare he!  Totally kidding, I'm happy for him.  Bummed for us though - full price car repairs are going to be an adjustment!

This week I am planning on rolling out a Facebook page for the blog - so you can "like" me there if you wish!  I am just using any outlets I can to connect with folks, especially with rumors of Google Friend Connect going away - though feel free to follow me with it for now.  I hope Google changes it's mind about getting rid of it.  But anyway, fun things ahead here, so stay tuned!

Sweater and undershirt - Old Navy (gifts from parents for Christmas)
Pants - Herbergers
Necklace, earrings - Charming Charlie
Shoes - Mudd, Kohls


  1. Thanks for commenting on my post glad to hear you're liking you new phone. Happy holidays!

  2. It really has gotten cold. I have been wearing my winter boots when I go outside now, since it is so icy everywhere.

  3. From what I've read, Google Friend connect is only going away for those who are NOT using Google. For example, if someone used an alternative account (twitter, etc) to follow, it won't support that. I'm willing to be proven wrong, but so far from reading news that's what I know!

    I love your star necklace and your sparkly trousers! How fun.

    Stay safe out there.

  4. We're begging for snow here in california! but i know if we got some, I would complain my way through the entire day! haha love that sweater. It looks darling on you=) sorry to hear about your car! I recently found out i have to replace the power steering pump on my Blazer, so I know what a bummer spending money on stuff like that can be! Hopefully we'll both have them fixed soon! Happy New Year deary.
    much love,
    lauren xoxo


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