Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jerseymaids jewelry giveaway

From time to time you have seen me wear jewelry from an Etsy shop called jerseymaids. jerseymaids is a shop run by a unique artist who makes jewelry from Polaroid pictures.  A friend of mine became friends with her via Twitter and I ended up becoming friends with her as well!  Here are two of the items from her shop that I have:

Hard to see in the one above, but it's a picture of a hand making the shape of a heart.

This one is called "the Little Village" it is a locket - I adore this one to bits and pieces, I wear it quite a bit!

Lauren, the owner of jerseymaids, is celebrating her one year anniversary of the day she went full time with her shop and to celebrate she is holding a giveaway and it's a good one - the winner gets to pick out ANYTHING they want from her store.  Anything!  You cannot beat that!  Believe me, you're going to want everything once you start browsing in her store.

All the details for her giveway are on her blog found here.

I wouldn't spread the word for just anyone, but as I've said, I've come to know Lauren via Twitter thanks to my friend who introduced me and even though she is halfway across the country from me, I consider her a friend and a very talented lady, so I had to do my part to spread the word for her!

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  1. Lovely necklaces. i love handmade things. It's very kind of you to support her. will check out her give away. thanks for sharing!



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