Thursday, January 19, 2012


 No skirts today - it is brutal cold out today!  This is what the winter of my youth was like.  We had many days that were so cold between actual air temp and wind chill that they wouldn't let us go outside for recess. And I had to walk up hill and down in the cold, snowy......ok, I'm getting carried away now. But yeah, we don't necessarily get as many days like this anymore whether it's global warming or pure luck, so when we do, they are tough to take!  Brr!

I pulled out my heaviest parka for only the second time this year. It's this big down filled coat I bought at the Gap many years ago, and the only time it gets worn is when it's super cold like this, or I have to shovel snow or I'm sitting outside of Target with my friend on a cold November morning waiting for a CD.  It's a serious warm jacket and I'm glad I have it.  It serves it's purpose and has for many years now!

But anyway, before I risk turning this into nothing but a weather blog, let's change the subject.  I read a list this morning a friend posted on Facebook of the Top 25 Foods You'll Never Eat Again - things that have pretty much been discontinued and were nothing more than a passing fad.  A couple of things on the list stood out to me - Crispy M&M's and Surge pop.  I loved Crispy M&M's!  They had this like Rice Krispie type thing on the inside of the chocolate and they were so good.  I used to sneak them into the movies.  I was sad to seem them go.  Surge on the other hand - man I could not stand that stuff.  But it was huge when I was in high school and it was ever present at any of our all night lock-ins because it was basically Coca Cola's answer to Mountain Dew.  And I'm pretty sure I would choke it down to impress the boys or something.  Blech! Anyway, here's the link to the list  It's an interesting read that I think most 80's and early 90's kids will appreciate. 

Apparently I'm just in a nostalgic mood today, all this reminiscing!  Although it does make me curious, are there any discontinued food items that you miss?  

Oh right, this is a fashion blog - ha!  Um, my outfit was chosen more or less on it's ability to keep me warm today.  Hope you're all staying warm too if it's cold where you are!

Outfit rundown:
Sweater - Old Navy
T-shirt - Old Navy
Pants - Anthropologie thrifted via Clothes Mentor
Bracelet and Necklace - Bead for Life
Shoes - Mudd, Kohls


  1. You look cute and warm! And my dad has a "display" bottle of Surge soda somewhere...Ha!

  2. I agree with Jes - you look cute and warm today which is a must!

  3. I thought crispy M&Ms were good. You do look warm, which is good since it is terribly cold out.

  4. I miss those instant Ragu things that were like "easy mac".. I'm pretty sure I would have starved growing up without them. I used to have huge food aversions (mushrooms, seafood, yucky textures!).. thankfully all that is changed, but I miss the instant spaghetti. I also liked the green ketchup.

    I wore a dress today.. it was a toss up between comfort in the classroom and freezing my butt off or being warm. I chose to freeze unfortunately!

    1. I totally get the texture thing - I used to have a lot of trouble with that too! I've come a long way as well, but it was hard for a very long time!

  5. Pretty neutral outfit- I love your pink nails! I was silly and wore a skirt with thin pantyhose today and I was freezing!!! You would think I would know better as a Canadian! Off to read about the 25 foods now...

  6. I love those pants (and I love Clothes Mentor)! I remember Surge and Crispy M&Ms! I didn't like either one, but I do love the new(er) pretzel M&Ms. Now I need a snack :)


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