Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Today's Layer Up is Cropped over Long.  So I chose a cropped cardigan over a long tank and long skirt.  I really like this skirt and I don't think I've worn it since the day the Pants Monkey broke his toes and that was way back in November.  I styled it similarly then too, but I just really like the way this sweater looks with this skirt, it just feels like they were meant to go together!

I don't mind that it's warmer outside again, even if it is making this challenge week even more challenging.  What I mind is the gross icky looking melted snow in our yards and on the street.  It just looks dirty outside. And if I had hope of seeing green grass and flowers after the melting is over, then that would be great, but it's  the last day of January so that is not possible.  So it's just going to look gross.  Now that I'm wishing for snow either.  I wish there was a happy medium!

And in the picture below, I was feeling a bit goofy today and tried to go for a dramatic pose, but could not stop giggling so you can see I'm smiling.  Kind of ruins the effect.  Yeah, I think I need more coffee.

 Have a great day!  Don't forget to head over to Megan Mae's blog to get the master list of bloggers participating in Layer Up and check out their looks too!

Outfit rundown:
Tank top - Old Navy
Sweater - American Rag via Macy's
Skirt - East 5th Avenue thrifted from Unique Thrift Store
Tights - Kohls
Shoes - Payless from years ago
Necklace - Vintage Pearl (gift from a friend)
Bag - Lillian's Shoppes


  1. I am happy about the warmer weather, but you are right that it isn't pretty outside.

  2. I love that cardigan with the skirt. The patterns go well together. I shouldn't even be complaining about my weather. It's 65F and freaking gorgeous. It's just weird and off-kilter for the time of year.

  3. I took a picture before work of the perfect white snow, and then a super sloppy pic when I came home... such a weird winter!!


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