Monday, January 23, 2012

Inspiration Monday - A little touch of class

Our inspiration for today's Inspiration Monday is Eva Longoria in a nice mostly black ensemble.  I wasn't going to do this week's and then I figured out a look I could do kind of late in the day yesterday.  I had to break up the black more than she did, so I added more gray.  

Also dressed it up a bit more for work, so it feels a little classy to me almost!  Her look is a bit more laid back.  It's giving me a chance to wear a jacket that has been sitting in my basement getting no love for quite some time actually and now that I'm wearing it I'm not sure why I haven't been wearing it for so long!

I'm so glad I had my outfit figured out last night, the weather this morning is horrid and I needed the extra time this morning to clean off my car and drive to work.  The ice was so thick on my car that it took nearly 20 minutes to clean it off.  Man are my arms sore now!  Darn our tiny one car garage.  Neither of us park in it to be fair (and there is a chance it is also just too full of junk for anyone to park in it...) but on days like today I'm like, let's knock the whole thing down and build a giant heated garage.  Who needs a savings account?

Anyway, I made it to work in one piece, but the driving wasn't great either.  Snow + Ice = yuck.  Thank goodness I have a short commute, but I still pulled in a little later than I should have.  Darn it!

I baked cupcakes again over the weekend, but I'm hearing on the radio that it's National Pie Day.  I wish I had known that, I could have made pie instead!  Beyond that the weekend wasn't terribly exciting.  Next weekend will be fun though, there is a MN Fashion Blogger meet up on Saturday and I'm really excited to go and meet some of the other local bloggers out there (a little nervous too, but mostly excited).  Then in the evening the Pants Monkey and I are going to a Glass Blowing/Beer Tasting class - it is his belated Christmas gift.  Next weekend is going to rock!

But for now, back to Monday I go.  For other Inspiration Monday outfits, visit Two Birds.

Outfit rundown:
Black t-shirt - Maurices
Jacket - Mossimo, Target (old)
Skirt - LOFT thrifted via Clothes Mentor
Leggings - Mossimo, Target
Boots - Target
Necklace - Stella and Dot
Purse - Coach vintage via Rewind NE Mpls


  1. I love your matte gray tights. I really need to get me some. Mine are shiny and look almost black in photos. =/ Those boots are great, too!

  2. The skirt is pretty great. I love the pleats.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. Great way to break up all that black. Sometimes it can be too much!

  4. i love how you broke it up a little. and what a fun necklace! drive safely today!!

  5. Haha. I spent 10 minutes on my car this morning and barely made a dent in the ice. I'm lucky I have a short commute.

  6. Cute outfit, I especially like the grey tights. I am so glad I do not have to deal with ice. I am such a baby about bad weather, and am always impressed when I hear you ladies talking about how hard you have to work in winter.

  7. Ahhh it's snowing up here in Duluth, but it's not that bad. Roads aren't great, but they aren't terrible. I think we must of missed all the ice you got since we're always naturally colder up here. Hope you have safe travels the rest of the day!

    Fun outfit--I especially love the boots! You have great legs, btw.

    I'm so sad I can't get down to the Blogger meet-up. The invite didn't come soon enough for me and I was already scheduled to work. :/ Maybe I'll catch the next one.

    1. Thanks for saying I have great legs! I'm deceptively short, but yet have long legs, it's odd! So it's a nice compliment!

      You're lucky you don't have the ice up there! Bummer you can't make the meet-up, would be nice to meet sometime! Stay warm!

  8. Oh I do like the addition of more grey! I love grey tights especially!

  9. Ooohh that fashioon blogger meetup sounds fun! Wish I could go (though I'm just a newbie at this) but I'm going to be up north for an ice fishing tournament :)
    Hope you gals have fun!

  10. I LOVE your skirt. Full skirts have become my favorite thing ever. Hope you have a great blogger meet up! I'm always sad because the meetups are usually NorthEastern or Texas. I live too far away for any of them. Aaah well.

  11. I have a one car garage too, and spent about 15 minutes cleaning off my car this morning. That ice was awful!

  12. Glass blowing and beer tasting class- that sounds amazing! Ugh I hate driving in the winter- thank goodness my commute to work is a 5 min walk :) I love this look on you-I also decided to add grey to break up the black- your jacket is so cute!

  13. I only drive about once a week, and so I routinely spend 15 minutes chipping away. And sure, you pulled in a little late, but at least you pulled in safe and alive!!

  14. Great outfit, Beth. Love the gray tights. I just added a pair of navy tights to my small collection I'm working on growing. No idea what I'm going to wear them with, but they were only $1.99.
    Glad you broke out the long lost jacket and are inspired to find more ways to wear it. That's fun to find little worn items and have new ideas for them.

  15. I really like your black and grey look and that you added a little extra grey to break it up. Sorry you're having nasty weather...come see me in NC for some lovely, warm temps:)

  16. Real cute outfit beth. I need to add this blog to my reader, I dont always see your posts on twitter.


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