Sunday, April 1, 2012

Springy Sunday

These photos are actually from a couple of weeks ago, on a day we had a really nice warm Sunday.  It was actually the day of the "40 Day Service" we had to go to for the Pants Monkey's grandfather, and while it was another "somberish" type event, I still wore a cute outfit because well, that's what I do.  And we had some time to kill between the service and lunch with his family, so I had the Pants Monkey take a few pictures of me because sometimes it's nice to not have to set up the tripod and run!  I just remembered I never shared them, so I thought I would today.

It wasn't super sunny at this point, but it was still kind of bright, so I was squinting quite a bit.  And now you get a rare look at my deck and huge backyard!

I was actually quite comfortable for the whole day.  It got very warm over at the P. Monkey's grandmother's house with all the people in there for the potluck lunch, so I was able to simply slip my sweater off and still be plenty comfy!

I think this last one is my favorite.  A nice natural smile and stance.  I should make him take my pictures all of the time.  But then he'd be late for work in the mornings.  Oh well.  I love my tripod too.  I should give him a name maybe.  Trevor the Tripod?  I know, I'm goofy.

Outfit rundown:
Sweater - LOFT (thrifted via Clothes Mentor)
Shirt - Shlomo (thrifted via Clothes Mentor)
Skirt - Old Navy
Shoes - DSW
Necklace and Earrings - Stella and Dot


  1. Cute outfit. I like your earrings, too. And that's one big backyard!

  2. Trevor the Tripod- I love it haha! I don't have a tripod so my man takes my photos every day-what a trooper! I love the pastel colours in your outfit and I'm envious of your backyard- I have a balcony and that's it!

  3. Love the rich buttery yellow color of the skirt. Your back yard is really nice. I like it as your backdrop. You'll have to use that more often. Reminds me a bit of Dawn and her deck at Suitcase Vignettes. I have a little deck and small yard, but I feel like the neighbors are going to see me and I feel like a weirdo. haha But I've taken a few photos out there when it was warmer.

  4. I think it's awesome you do pictures with a tripod. I don't have one, and sometimes I think it would be nice to take pictures myself instead of bugging my husband to do them :) Anyway, I love that yellow skirt, what a cute piece!

  5. I like the yelliw and gray together. You look like you love your outfit!


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