Thursday, April 12, 2012

Plain Jane

There isn't anything terribly special about today's outfit, it is the last shirt I received from the divine Miss K, and it is fun and funky like the others, but it is also fairly simple.  Overall it's just a simple old black and white type outfit today.  I do like it, but it feels a smidge boring.  Sometimes boring is good though right?

I was also lucky enough to receive a few pairs of shoes from her as well, as you saw on Easter, so I pulled out a pair to wear today and tried to show them off in this second photo.  They are pretty basic black pumps, but you know what?  I didn't have a pair.  *GASP* what kind of woman am I?  Doesn't every girl have one pair of basic black heels?  Anyway, I love these because they are actually comfortable!!  That is always my problem with heels.  They are a brand called Lifestride - I think I've seen them at DSW before.

I stuck a pair of sandals in the car though because right after work today I'm finally getting myself a pedicure!  Fortunately it is going to get a bit warmer today compared to how it has been, so I shouldn't freeze my toes off!  I hope some warmer weather comes back to stay so I can make sandals a part of my wardrobe again!

Outfit rundown:
Shirt - Alfani, Macy's (From cousin)
Pants - Style and Co, Macy's (old)
Shoes - Lifestride (from cousin)
Necklace - thrifted


  1. Black and white is such a classic color combo! Your hot pink polish gives your outfit a little bit of color to it. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, following you now :)

    The Tiny Heart

  2. Can't wait for the pedi tonight!

  3. Have fun on your pedi tonight!! I love the top and it's not boring with the pattern.

  4. I don't think this is boring! It's definitely a fun shirt!

  5. i'm so jealous that you are getting a pedicure! enjoy it, you deserve it!

  6. I like black and white outfits. My black pumps wore our about a year ago, and I still haven't replaced them.

  7. Never apologize for being dressed simply and appropriately! You look great!

  8. I think you look sensational...classy and sophisticated. Nowhere near boring.

  9. isn't it wonderful to receive things from people especially when they are free? I love hand me downs. It's a classy top, not boring at all...;-) Black shoes are definitely essential in every woman's wardrobe!


  10. Simple ain't bad! I think the top is really pretty, it has an interesting design on it that gives the whole outfit a fun touch :)

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