Monday, April 23, 2012

Inspiration Monday - Rue the day

Hello friends!  Happy Monday!  I'm back to Inspiration Monday this week.  The lovely ladies of two birds chose the adorable Sara Rue here for our model this week.  I want her dress!

Since I don't have a cute pink dress like her I chose the next best thing, my own adorable dress from the Pants Monkey.  I haven't worn it since there was still snow on the ground, so it was high time I brought her back out!  I actually had a different outfit in mind for today but laundry fail - totally hadn't washed one piece of it.  Oops.  Oh well, I love this dress so it works out just fine in my book!  Oh and lookie - sandals!  It's going back into the 60's for highs so it was sandals or bust.

So speaking of the Pants Monkey, we had a uppy/downy weekend that kind of worked out in my favor in the end.  Saturday we were full up with our music group and church.  But yesterday he had intended to brew a batch of beer (we homebrew beer if you didn't know that).  So, he started getting set up while I ran to the store to get some breakfast items and free coffee at Caribou Coffee for Earth Day.  I came home and he is sitting on the couch, not moving and sort of looked white.  I thought he was sick, but he said his back seized up while he was carrying the big heavy brewpot.  We determined that there was no way he was going to brew.  I ran to the drugstore and got him ice/heat packs and some Icy Hot.  After he had some Ibprofen and had stretched out the muscles for awhile he said to me "as a thank you for helping me and while I'm feeling a bit looser, we could go to the Apple store and get your new laptop."  I didn't have to think twice about that one!  So, I am now the proud new owner of a Macbook Air that he got all set up for me yesterday since sadly he couldn't do much of anything else.  Poor guy, but happy me!

I did manage to get a little consigning done too on Saturday before our church gig.  I didn't get a ton of money for my stuff this time, but I got enough to turn around and buy a shirt and skirt with!  Hoping to wear at least one of the items tomorrow.  So a mostly up weekend for me, but a little down for my poor Pants Monkey.  I told him "it's hell getting older isn't it?"

And on we go into our week.  For more Inspiration Monday outfits, visit two birds here.  Have a great day!

Outfit rundown:
Dress - VS, gift from the Pants Monkey
Sweater - Old Navy
Sandals - Mootsie Tootsie
Cami - Decree, JCPenney
Necklace - Charming Charlie


  1. very girlish outfit. Preppy at the same time with the college-style cardi. Congrats on the new laptop...I am wishing for a mac book too. I am using a desktop, laptop would mean I don't have to be stuck at one place. Have fun!


  2. I love that dress! Very cute and congrats on the laptop!

  3. yay for you! i'm so happy you finally got it! i hope hubby is feeling better soon!!

  4. Lovely outfit and I am jealous of your new Mac! Have a great week:)

  5. Happy for your new laptop! Super cute outfit too :) Hope TPM feels better soon!

  6. Oooh, I love dove grey! That's a pretty dress and it hangs so nicely! Also loving the Star!!!!!
    Poor Pantsmonkey, hope he is better soon!

  7. Enjoy your new Macbook! And I hope Pants Monkey is feeling better soon!

    The Tiny Heart

  8. Sorry for Pants Monkey, throwing your back out is the worst, and bummer you didn't your beer brewed. But GLAD HAPPY DAY that you got your laptop! We are new laptop buddies now :)

    <3 Cambria

  9. 1) Yay to a new macbook! 2) Yay to making money at the consignment store! Love that! and 3) Yay to coming to the sale in May! I'd love to see ya! Happy Monday! :)

  10. beth you are a darling in your dress! i like the pink under too. how sad for your guy. back pain is horrible, & it seems to effect everything. :( fun that you got a new computer though. :)

  11. Fab little dress! Love the argyle. Sorry to hear about your guy's bad back. If you guy's haven't try Tiger Balm in the future. It's a godsend for my arm problems. Watch the ingredients in case of any reactions, but it works better than icyhot imo.

    Hooray for sandals! I'm back in boots for a day or two, unfortunately. Congrats on the new lappy!

  12. Ouch-sorry to hear about the Pants Monkey's back- my man had the flu all weekend so I played nurse as well. Yay for your new computer- very exciting!

    Love your dress and pretty argyle- great spring outfit!

  13. beth you look so cute!! xoxo linds of

  14. Sandals, showing off the pedicure, 60's temps, new laptop! Yay!


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