Friday, April 13, 2012


TGIF, am I right?  Whew, what a long feeling week.  I'm wearing my owl shirt today and it's somewhat appropriate as I felt a bit owly this morning.  I was dreaming when the alarm went off and it was a very odd dream at that and I could NOT wake myself up.  You ever have that feeling?  And then you're just in a fog? That's where I'm at.  I have coffee now though and I'm going to do my best to turn this around because after all, it IS Friday!!

It's also cloudy and threatening rain, so I kept it indoors this morning.  No kitty photo bombs this time.  They were both already curled up on our bed, they know how to spend this kind of day!  I am excited though, our weekend isn't terribly full.  Usually we have a rehearsal and church with our music group but we're off this weekend while our director is out of town.  So we have tonight free and all day tomorrow!  Sunday we have Easter with the Pants Monkey's family.  Tonight I think we're staying in and having movie night but tomorrow we just might go adventuring, you never know!

I had a pedicure last night!  So now I can wear sandals!  I don't think it's going to be super warm today but I didn't care, I wanted to show off my pretty new toes, so I'm just going with it!  I chose a green colored polish - which was totally not what I was originally intending to do.  I was going to do purple or peach, then saw this green and thought, ooh I want that!  I think I'm going to take my mom for a pedicure for Mother's Day so if I decide I don't like the green, Mother's Day is only a month away.  

I think I like the green though!  The lady who did my nails said it was a nice color green and not too "juvenile".  I agree with her!  Oh and these sandals - so comfy.  They were my mom's and she didn't like the heel on them.  I think she got them at DSW.  The name is too funny - Duck Head.

With that, I shall wish you a happy Friday and happy weekend!  Perhaps my free day tomorrow will include shopping, just because I can!  You never know!

Outfit rundown:
T-shirt - Energie, thrifted
Sweater - Old Navy
Jeans - Old Navy
Sandals - Duck Head (from mom)
Necklace - Premier Jewelry


  1. I'm plenty thankful too!!! I can't wait to sleep tonight, and it's so nice to get a chance to sit down after 6 successive 16-hour work days :P

    What are your plans for Easter with the Pants Monkey's family?

    <3 Cambria

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    1. We are going to his grandmother's house and stuffing ourselves with wonderful delectable Russian goodies! I cannot wait!

  2. your nails look great! and i happen to think there is no such thing as a juvenile nail color anyways!! happy weekend! i hope yours is great!

  3. The owl print top is soo cute! I really like the green's fun to go with a brighter color on your toes :) Have a great weekend!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. Cute! And I love your nail polish choice!

  5. Adorable top, and perfect for that kind of day. I had one of those days yesterday. I could not think straight, even accidentally texted the wrong person (thankfully something completely generic). Movie night sounds like a great plan.

  6. Sounds like you have a SUPER sweet weekend ahead of you! My husband and I are excited for our week off from band practices and Easter Sunday rehearsals and stuff too. Yea for free weekends! I hope yours is GREAT! Love the green toes ;)

  7. Oooh I love those jeans! They're THE perfect cut. Love the pedi, too. I did green last year in the spring and it was fun, but it totally stained my nails yellow. :\ Hopefully you'll be spared of that...

    I'm totally envious, your weekend sounds great! How's the weather supposed to be? It's so dreary up here right now. I hate it.

  8. Cute sandals and interesting polish. I felt foggy today, too.

  9. Yay for Friday! I hope this one comes fast--I have a feeling this week will be long for me. Oh well. Anyway, I love that cute printed top, it's so much fun!

  10. your weekend sounds so relaxing, it's been a long time since we have a quiet weekend when you don't have to do much. I like your owl top, really too cute! And the flared pants is really retro chic. Nice outfit for TGIF


  11. very sweet owl shirt! love it, now following :)

  12. Cute owl shirt! TGIF indeed, and of course the weekend went by way too fast and it's already Monday again... blah.


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