Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hug a secretary

I wore my best "secretary" look today because it's Administrative Professionals Day and I am an administrative professional.  All must bow before me!  Ok, I'm kidding.  In truth, my boss rarely remembers this day, she's pretty scattered and is the kind of person who can barely remember her own birthday so I don't blame her, but I still thought I'd acknowledge the day.  If you are someone who is lucky enough to have an admin working for you - go give them a hug.

Crazy faces going in these pictures today.  I'm tired.  Between a thunderstorm last night and the Pants Monkey snoring, sleep was not coming easily.  Speaking of Mr. Monkey, thanks for your well wishes, his back is doing much better and he's on the mend!  I'm quite happy about that.  We have so much yard work to do.  I think we're the only house on our block who hasn't mowed our lawn yet...our neighbors must hate us right now.  So, having him back at full capacity is a good thing!

I'm excited, a friend of mine won tickets to a fashion show at the Weisman Museum down at the U of M campus tonight and asked me if I wanted to go.  I'm like, do birds fly?  Yes I do!  It's called the No White Fashion show and apparently is themed after Snow White.  Sounds so awesome and it sounds like I should be able to take pictures, so I will hopefully have a post on it tomorrow!

I kind of love in my last picture here that you can see the shadow of my camera on the tripod to the left.  That's kind of funny.

Also, I thought it might fun this coming Friday to do a "Fun Facts Friday" about myself.  I get asked a lot about the whole "Pants Monkey" thing, so I will definitely answer that question, but if you feel so inclined, leave a question in the comments for me to answer and I will answer it!  Ask me anything, even if you just want to know my favorite flavor of ice cream. In the meantime, have a great Wednesday!

Outfit rundown:
Sweater - Mossimo, Target (old)
red shirt - two birds vintage via b. (a resale shop)
Skirt - StudioWorks (from cousin)
Shoes - Lifestride (from cousin)
Necklace - the Vintage Pearl (gift from friend)
Bracelet - Charming Charlie


  1. Soooooo excited about the fashion show tonight!!

  2. Super cute outfit today! Have fun at the fashion show tonight too! Happy you day!!

  3. The fashion show sounds so fun! Can't wait to see photos :)

    The Tiny Heart

  4. Love the black with a pop of colour! Enjoy your evening and looking forward to the photos:)

  5. That fashion show sounds fun. I haven't been to the Weisman since they added the expansion, but I want to go see it sometime.

  6. have fun at the show tonight! it sounds pretty great!

  7. Oh, that sounds like so much fun!!

    It's okay... It's 4:07 and the boss just walked in and said, "Oh no! I completely forgot what today was!" So, you're not the only one who gets forgotten. ;)

    1. Oh thanks for telling me that Tiffany, I'm glad I'm not alone in that respect! Mostly I focus on being glad I have a job, but sometimes it's unfortunate to not be noticed!

  8. Happy Administrative Professionals Day! I do know about the day (from Ugly Betty), but neither work as, with, or have one working for me. Though I could really use a secretary these days. I feel scattered, lol.

    I love your brightly colored shirt and fun skirt. I bet it swooshes when you walk.

    Have lots of fun at the show! Take pictures if you can.

  9. Hurrah for administrators! I was one once upon a time! Sadl,y I have none working for me, but I have my little minions who enjoy performing clerical and preparing tasks for me (I mean my kids of course!!!) Nice red top! Bright and preeeeettY!

  10. I saw that it was Admin Professionals Day in the US, and felt so ripped off! Why doesn't Canada recognize this?? I'm an Admin Assistant (I'm the receptionist at an IT contracting office of a global firm - I look after 150 people!) and I rarely get any kind of acknowledgement of my job. Boo...

    You look smashing in red, Beth! I'm officially following now! :)

  11. My boss made sure we hugged our administrative assistant today! :) Have a great time at the fashion show! A co-worker and I were interested in going to a fashion show and a local art and design school, but the tickets were way too expensive for us. Yay for your friend winning tickets!


  12. you looks smart chic! I like that fabulous pop of red on your black ensemble. I wish they have Homemaker Professional day too..haha.. I think my question for you would be...what do you enjoy about blogging and why?


  13. You look very classically classy to attend a fashion show! Have fun, I'm oodles friend actually designed some stuff for that show I think, so I'm wishing him teh best.

    <3 Cambria


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