Monday, April 9, 2012

Inspiration Monday (If you squint)

This isn't my best Inspiration Monday interpretation, but I did my best!  So here is Miranda Kerr - another person I'm not really sure of who she is, but I love her comfy chic outfit here.  I do not have awesome leopard print skinnies, but then again, I'm not quite sure if I could pull them off, lol!

So for my look, I chose my dark skinnies, the sweater I wore with my Easter dress (since it was after church and we were going to my parents for dinner) and a plain ole t-shirt.  It was a very comfy outfit for stuffing myself with a big ham dinner!

It ended up being a really lovely day yesterday, I thought it might end up colder, but it wasn't too bad.  We had a really nice dinner with my parents and somehow got sucked into the Masters with my dad.  I tell you, nothing makes you feel older than suddenly finding golf entertaining.  But the last hour was a serious nail biter - it was really kind of an edge of the seat thing!  I'm excited that Bubba Watson won, I liked his pink golf club, he he.  I think it helps that we play golf, so it makes watching it a little more interesting anyway.  Or I've just cemented my fate as the biggest nerd you ever met. 

Speaking of nerdy things - I will soon be posting my first ever VLOG!!  I'm quite excited about it, I think it turned out ok, I'll get better with practice.  So stay tuned, I need to figure out how to get it from my iPhone to YouTube and then I'll bring it here!  Wee!!

Outfit rundown:
T-shirt - thrifted Target stock
Sweater - Liz Claiborne
Jeans - Maurices
Socks - Target
Shoes - DSW
Bracelet - Stella and Dot
Sunnies - F21


  1. good luck with the vlog! i think i would feel self conscious doing one, so i always envy bloggers who do them! can't wait to see it.

  2. Your jeans are great. I love doing vlogs -- I just haven't had time to make a new one recently. And by recently, I mean in the past year. I've been busy!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. Can't wait to see your vlog!! How exciting!! Love the comfy combo you put together. And I would say that you aren't a nerd because you found golf interesting - like you said, probably helps that you play golf!

  4. you look cute i like yourcasual version too. Great weekend outfit for a nice weather like this. Vlog sounds interesting...i am too "scared" to do one.


  5. Nice white cardie! Oooh vlog! I did one at Christmas (a guess the tune Christmas quiz) and felt a right muppet!

  6. You do look comfy. Perfect for easter sunday, unless you have a bonnet:)

  7. Can't wait for your vlog! It's always fun when you finally hear the voice behind the words! ha!
    I watched the masters too! I was rooting for Phil Mickelson though :( If only he hadnt had that triple bogey! sheesh!

  8. Ooh! Looking forward to your vlog. I don't get golf, but I can watch those How It's Made marathons all day long. And be genuinely sucked in. It doesn't help the way they just transition from episode to another is so seamless. I'll be like "Hang on! I gotta know how Venetian Blinds are made!!"

  9. Love the jeans Beth, we are all looking forward to the vlog girl. dawn suitcase vignettes xo


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