Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The anniversary dinner

On Sunday, the Pants Monkey and I spent a wonderful day together celebrating our anniversary.  We hit the cheap movie theatre in the afternoon and watched The Five Year Engagement.  Predictable, but cute movie.  Then we went and had dinner at the same restaurant we celebrated Valentine's Day at this year.  Our one rule was we could not order any of the same items we had on Valentine's Day.  It wasn't hard to do as there were several other things on the menu to choose from!

For our dinner I chose to wear my fun new red dress that I thrifted last week.  Erin actually found this one for me, so a big thank you to her.  I've been loving reds lately and I loved that this one has polka dots too!  It was hot outside, but I added the little jacket for being inside the restaurant.  I'm glad that I did because we got seated under an air vent so it was a little chilly!

I had the Pants Monkey take my pictures and then asked if I could take one of him, because I think he looked pretty darn cute himself!

He doesn't have tan or lighter colored socks that aren't white, so he went with the green ones.  He was afraid it looked really tacky, but I didn't think it was too bad and besides that, no one was really going to see his feet when we were sitting at the table anyway!

We had a wonderful dinner, splitting salad, pasta and a meat course.  We brought home cannoli for dessert and toasted with some of our favorite scotch.  All in all a very nice day!

Outfit rundown (Beth):
Dress - Unknown brand, thrifted
Jacket - LOFT, thrifted
Sandals - Target
Purse - Coach, Ebay
Earrings - Stella and Dot
Sunnies - Target

Outfit rundown (Mr. Monkey)
Shirt and shorts - Men's dept at Kohl's
Shoes - Kenneth Cole, DSW
Sunnies - Target


  1. Happy anniversary! You both look so pretty/handsome! :) Hope you had a wonderful time! :)

  2. The dress looks great on you! So glad it fit! :) Happy anniversary!

  3. Great dress! Happy anniversary - you both look so happy.

  4. Happy anniversary! Sounds like you had a wonderful dinner celebrating :)

    The Tiny Heart

  5. Your outfit is gorgeous Beth! I am sure ye had a wonderful time! I have a nice giveaway on my blog today you might like to enter:)

  6. Do you mock him with your monkey pants? ;-)

    Nice looking couple. I love your little jacket.

  7. You look so great in these photos! I think this red dress really suits you and the smile on your face lovely.

  8. happy anniversary! i like your hair styled like that! it looks so summery! and the five year engagement, how cool would it be to have that wedding at the end? my sisters told me that i should have done that to chris.

  9. Awww perfect date night look! Sounds like an amazing time out.

    Also lol, I totally have the same problem with the hubs. He will decide to wear all black and white socks or khaki and a brown shirt with black shoes. I can't get him to see why it looks a bit odd. I think hunter green socks are probably the best option

  10. Sounds like a fun date for you two :) And what a pretty red dress you look sizzlin!

    <3 Cambria

    Enter my GIVEAWAY!!!

  11. Happy anniversary, how wonderful! I hope you had a wonderful time with your man. You look gorgeous in that red dress!

  12. Awww lovely! You both look great! The socks look fine Pantsmonkey, don't worry! I do love red with polka dots, you look charming! The meal sounds fab!

  13. Such a cute outfit for the both of you!! I love the blog layout - man I feel like I haven't been online to read blog in a long time! Then again I haven't - dang work for blocking it.

  14. Happy anniversary! The red dress looks great on you.

  15. Love the red dress. And PM is handsome.

  16. Hi, Beth. You look very pretty and summery in your new red dress. Nice to meet you, Mr. Pants Monkey!

  17. how sweet! I really like that red dress, Beth! It looks so pretty and perfect for a dinner out!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  18. I'm glad you guys enjoyed your anniversary! I always get cold in restaurants too and that little jacket was so perfect with your dress!


  19. Love your dress. So glad to hear that the two of you had a nice anniversary.

  20. You look adorable! I love red on you and that jacket is so cute. And adorable shoes.


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