Tuesday, May 8, 2012

EBEW - I'm on a boat

Look at your blog post, now look at mine, now look at yours and back to mine.  Sadly your post isn't mine but if you participate in Everybody Everywear's Nautical Day your post could be like mine. Look down, where are you?  You're on a boat with the blog post your post could be like.  What's in your hand?  Back to me.  It's a computer with two tickets to that thing you love.  Look again, the tickets are now diamonds.  Anything is possible when you participate in Everybody Everywear.  I'm on a horse. *Old Spice whistle*

Natilcal: EBEW

Anyone else remember the Old Spice commercial I just mocked up there?  It's not that old, like two years ago now?  It was hilarious and a running joke between us and some friends for awhile, especially the "I'm on a boat" line.  And as soon as I started writing my post for this month's Nautical Everybody Everywear I could not help myself, I knew I'd be referencing that somehow!  I can't take full credit, I found the script online and modified it to fit - so all credit to the Old Spice people and they are not paying me anything for my parody!  They do make the Pants Monkey smell nice though, I will say that!

So in all seriousness, my outfit is a bit of a stretch for the Nautical theme, but I think it still would work well for an afternoon of boating.  Breezy striped dress, super fun shoes.  I'm all set, just point me to my yacht! 

I love the water.  I would love nothing more than to go be on a boat all day long.  We have relatives and friends that have cabins on lakes and they own pontoon boats and the highlight of visiting them in the summer is getting a chance to go out on the pontoon.  When I when the lottery you better believe that I will own a pontoon boat.  And yes a cabin on a lake where I can bring said boat.  But most importantly I will own a boat.

I am so excited about these new sandals.  I've never done the "wrap" style sandal before and I need to play with that a bit more, couldn't get them to stay up to save my life.  But in spite of that I love the color.  I have been wanting more colorful things in my closet and especially been wanting more colorful shoes, so these fit the bill pretty well.  And they were on sale!  I just realized my dress came from Old Navy too.  And today's theme is Nautical.  Old Navy = Nautical!  Yeah I know I'm really reaching now!

I took these pictures yesterday too - the weather today is definitely not boating weather.  Rain and clouds AGAIN.  But at least it's a workday this time and not a weekend!  I'll just dream about being on a boat, it'll have to do for now!

Outfit rundown:
Dress - Old Navy
Shrug - Ragstock
Sandals - Old Navy
Necklace - Maurices


  1. Your sandals are SO cute! I love the little print on them and how they have a different color tie.

    The Tiny Heart

  2. First off, these shoes are BEAUTIFUL! Seriously, love the bright color! Also, I TOTALLY forgot all about Everybody Everywear! Sad day :(

  3. ROFL!! You are on a boat! ;) Love the outfit - and those sandals are adorable!

  4. Ha! You and Old Spice are funny. I love that ad! It's two tickets to that thing you love! Hilarious!

  5. lol! i do remember those commercials! i love your shoes...what a fun colorful splash of summer!

  6. Those sandals are so cute! A great choice for adding color to your closet.

  7. Omgomgomgomg! Yes, that's four ohmygods. This is handsdown the cutest outfit I've seen all day. I adore the colors, I need to steal those shoes right now. I missed the boat (lol pun intended) on today's EBEW. Sometimes I manage to swing it, sometimes I completely forget and wear whatever I'm obsessing over (which is ankle pants right now).

  8. I love your shoes with this outfit!! I have to admit, my first thoughts when I see "on a boat" are the SNL skit and the music video from Step Brothers! :)


  9. Those sandals are very cute. I thought that commercial was hilarious!

  10. What bright, cheery and nautically themed shoes!

  11. Super, super cute outfit! Love the shoes. I've been wanting some colorful shoes, but I can never find the right size. Stripes are so in right now and that dress looks wonderful on you.

  12. I love your version of nautical. Super duper cute shoes and colors today.

  13. Love the stripes and colors in this outfit, and those shoes are so fun!

  14. I love the nautical theme anytime...that dress is cute, I like the colors. Great outfit for a boating trip too. And adorable lace up wedges.


  15. I have the same dress! And I also wore it for nautical on EBEW, LOL. Love the way you styled it. and those shoes rock!


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