Wednesday, May 16, 2012

For better for worse, in sickness and locked keys in trunks

The Pants Monkey and I have our wedding anniversary at the end of the month.  And I love him so very much and could not ask for a better husband.  But that's not what I'm going to share about today.  Oh no, not at all.  Instead, I will share the story of the time the Pants Monkey learned an expensive lesson.  It's fresh in my head cause it just happened last night.

So we went to the driving range to practice a couple of things we've learned at our lessons. We actually met there after work, so we each were in our own cars.  We did our thing and were getting ready to leave when I see him patting himself down and starting to get "That" look.  You know that look, the one that says "oh crap."  I asked what was wrong and he said "I think I locked my keys in my trunk."  He has one of those cars that has a separate door key and ignition key and I only have an extra ignition key, he kept meaning to get me a door key made and well, yeah.  We had no way of getting into the car.  We carry Triple A on my car, but not on his.  So now he had a dilemma.  I offered to call Triple A and see if they'd come anyway, but he ended up calling a locksmith instead.  And of course, it was going to be a half hour to 45 minutes.  Did I mention we also hadn't had dinner yet?  So dutiful wife that I am, I sat and waited with him.  Fortunately the locksmith came at the half hour mark and got into the car pretty quickly.  And the Pants Monkey handed over a nice chunk of change.  So, moral of the story, guess where he is going after work tonight?  To get a second key made for me.  Possibly a third to keep at home somewhere.  I tell you, never a dull moment in marriage sometimes!

I wasn't totally sure about today's outfit, but I'm happy with how it turned out.  I love this shirt, but it looks funny unless you wear the belt it came with, which is brown and I really wanted to wear this gray skirt and wasn't sure if they'd look ok together, but it seems to work just fine!

And this next picture is my entry into the Secret Society of Bloggers Under Desks - kind of a running joke, Megan from the Fashionable Bureaucrat was having a bad day one day and took a picture under her desk.  Soon Shelia did it and then Megan Mae did it and I said I would too - so here it is.  Who said fashion bloggers don't know how to have a little fun with themselves every now and then?

Quite frankly, in the midst of the key crisis last night I kind of wanted to hide!  Thank goodness it didn't sour our entire evening!

Outfit rundown:
Shirt - JCPenney
Skirt - INC Concepts (thrifted)
Necklace - Maurices
Sandals - Mootsie Tootsie
Bracelet - Bead for Life


  1. Whoot! Under the desk shot for the win!

    Love that skirt too!

  2. oh no! sorry that happened. you are so nice to have waited...i would have been at the nearest chipotle, getting a burrito (for both of us, of course)!

    1. I offered to go grab something, but he didn't want to be left alone just in case. Boys. :P

  3. Oh dear, that's not a fun adventure - hopefully you will be able to laugh about it in retrospect!

    I love the under-the-desk picture!

    1. We're already laughing about it today - at least it was a nice evening to sit outside and wait! :)

  4. you look absolutely gorgeous miss!!

    have a lovely day!!


  5. That story made me laugh because just a few weeks ago my hubby couldn't find his keys (this includes house keys and car keys). We were at home at searched everywhere for like 2 hours. Turned out he left them in the couch in the building's basement. So this week we made extra copies of keys too! Silly husbands :)

    The Tiny Heart

  6. Sometimes I am tempted to take a nap under my desk, like George on Seinfeld. I'm glad that you're getting an extra key!

  7. Hooray for adorable skirts! Love that one.

    Also lolling at Pants Monkey. Poor guy. Hubs used to do things like that. Only, lock his keys in the ignition with the car still on. Now I keep a "valet" key in my purse and we have a back up at home. All my inlaws vehicles have back up keys for this purpose.

  8. Oh no, what a nightmare! Poor you and Pants monkey!!!! On the plus side, you look really lovely! It's a preeeeetty outfit and I haven't seen anything like these items, they're lovely!!!!

  9. oh dear..haha..thank goodness the locksmith saved your day. It happens Beth, life's like that, full of surprises. Our little one was locked in his own room for an hour because the door was jammed. Haha...poor boy. Thank God for lock smiths, one of the most important jobs in the world, we can't do without them. Nice pretty top, I like the pastel pink, looks perfect with grey.


  10. You're such a good wife! :) The pink and gray looks great's one of my favorite color combinations!


  11. too funny, i could join the club too as i feel like crawling under my desk to escape my computer, paperwork, and red voice mail button on my phone on a very regular basis! i'm glad you got into your husband's car without too much of a headache!

  12. Well, at least you can look so cute after a headache like that. haha!

  13. Triple AAA. Best annual premium I pay :)

    Cute under-the-desk pic. I keep meaning to do it, but wondering how I'll get back up by myself, and wondering what my boss would say if I got stuck there...


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