Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Turn around bright eyes

Whenever I wear this skirt, I worry that those around me will need sunglasses - it's quite a bright shade of yellow!  Hopefully these pictures are not blinding anyone!  I still love this skirt even if it is super crazy yellow.  It fits like a glove and I love the pleated style.  And hey, this just works well with my whole "infusing more color into my life" scheme!

I had a fun evening last night.  Through a friend's blog, I had an opportunity to go to an advance screening of the movie What to Expect When You're Expecting.  And even though I'm not anywhere near the "becoming a parent" point in my life, it was a fun movie to watch and had a lot of my favorite actors and actresses.  It's definitely a chick flick and it's one of those multi story movies that follows several different people.  I'm not sure I would pay to see it in the theater if I hadn't had the chance to see it for free, but it was entertaining and it was nice to not have to pay!  I'm guessing those of you who are moms would probably get even more enjoyment out of it just because you've been there.

I got home later than I like though and had a hard time unwinding last night and then it was crazy warm in our house.  It got up to 86 degrees yesterday!  So it took awhile to get the house to cool down.  So I'm a bit tired today, but at least I have real coffee again, which as we know, makes all the difference!  Tonight I can crash, so I look forward to that!

Outfit rundown:
Cami and sweater - Arizona Jeans, JCPenney
Skirt - Shabby Apple
Bracelet and earrings - Stella and Dot
Necklace - Charming Charlie
Sandals - Italian Shoe Co, via DSW


  1. I LOVE all the bright colors in this outfit! The yellow skirt is so cheery and definitely not blinding at all :)

    The Tiny Heart

  2. That's a great skirt! I love the color--perfect for spring and summer :) And the cardigan with it is perfect! You look lovely!

  3. Lovely skirt, but then you know how I feel about yellow! I really like it with the purple.

  4. Love your sunny bright colours! I wish we had some of that heat over here right now!!

  5. haha! I wore bright yellow tights the other day and ALL day people kep giving me looks. I love this on you! Very bright and perfect for summer! Also, I am so looking forward to meeting you, too! :) We will have to cheers with a big glass of crispin! I seriously cannot wait for this weekend! I am ready!!! :)

  6. i love the bright colors! i can't believe this weather...it's been so on and off lately, that i never know what to expect. i think we can expect hot and sunny from now on (which i love)!

  7. I was wondering how that movie was! I always decide if a movie looks worth paying to see it in theatres or if I will wait to get it from Red Box.

  8. I think the yellow skirt is so cheery! I like it paired with the purple, too. I'm kind of curious about the movie but I'll probably wait until I can order it through the library. I get kind of annoyed about Hollywood's portrayal of parenthood most of the time. Women are shrill shrews and men are pathetic and/or trapped. Blech. :)


  9. YOu shouldn't worry...it makes my eyes really happy!!!

    <3 Cambria

  10. OMG! We are both wearing yellow skirts. I love yours, it's so cute! I also like that you paired it with purple and that adorable sweater.

    1. ROFL - I know right? We must have ESP :)

  11. Way to add more color into your life Beth! Woo hoo!!! I love this...it's a happy outfit :)

  12. Great skirt! I've been so drawn to all things yellow this season.


  13. I had to turn off the heat and turn on the AC yesterday. I like the bright skirt!

  14. Bright and fun- great colors (I have a striped twin dress to your sweater!) I haven't turned on the a/c quite yet, I am in Canada after all :D

  15. Love that bright skirt! And now I have that song in my head... ;D

  16. I love how bright that skirt is! I think that movie looks funny, Kyle loves chick-flicks, so I know he would be all over it.


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