Monday, July 30, 2012


Shock - I'm not participating in Inspiration Monday this week.  I know, I rarely miss it.  The closest thing I could come up with for today's choice of Ashlee Simpson wearing orange hot pants and a white blouse was an outfit I already wore for Inspiration Monday a few weeks ago!  She looks great, but it was just not something I was able to put together, especially having had a very busy weekend.  I will admit to having owned the first Ashlee Simpson CD though.  I have no shame, lol.  Anyway, do go visit the two birds and see what others came up with.  I am sure I'll be back at Inspiration Monday next week, it's one of my favorite parts of blogging!  

I do have another fun treat today though!  Through Jess of J's Style, I found out about a fun Bauble Swap going on at Because Shana Said So.  I checked out her blog and decided it sounded cool - basically you signed up and were paired with another blogger to swap jewelry with.  Since I love me some pretty jewelry I was all over that.  I was paired with the awesome CC from CC's Cheap Chic and I could not be more excited with the goodies I received - all handmade by her! 

She sent the cutest little box, three pairs of earrings, a necklace and a bracelet.  I'm wearing the bracelet, necklace and one of the pairs of earrings today!  They are just so fun and are wonderful additions to have in my closet!  BIG HUGE thank you to CC and thanks to Shana for hosting this swap!! You should definitely check out both Shana and CC's blogs, especially so you can see what I sent to CC!

Speaking of jewelry, I went to a Stella and Dot party at my sister in law's yesterday and got a couple of new pretties there too.  If you've been following my blog awhile, you know I'm pretty addicted to the stuff.  And now my SIL's BFF is selling it, so you guessed it, I'll be having a party too.  One can never have too much jewelry right?  I have to laugh though, we were talking yesterday at the party about how just a couple of years ago, none of us were jewelry people.  Now I feel naked without a necklace and bracelet!  It's pretty funny.

Finally, I have a HUGE favor to ask anyone who is so inclined.  I'm looking for a couple of guest posts for the week of August 13-17.  I have a little vacation planned and while I won't be gone the whole week, have decided to take the entire week off from blogging.  If you are interested in guest posting while I'm away, I would LOVE to have you.  I'm using the blanket theme of "the dog days of summer" and you can pretty much write what you'd like around that theme.  Please let me know in the comments if you'd like to be a guest and I'll email you more specifics.

Outfit rundown:
Tank top - Cinema Etoile (from cousin)
Sweater  - F21
Skirt - Salvaged Strawberry (via Band of Thrifters)
Shoes - DSW
Jewelry - Handmade by CC
Bag - Jenna Lou Designs


  1. Cute outfit and that new jewlery is super cute!!!

  2. Great jewelry - you should do Visible Monday anyway, Beth! You are plenty visible. ;)

  3. I am basically in love with this have I not seen you wear it yet? The colours are gorgeous, it's perfectly flouncy and fun, and it fits you to a tee. Sounds like you've scored in the jewelry department too...I need to check this swap thing out.

    <3 Cambria

  4. So glad you are enjoying the jewelry! ;) My post won't be up until a little later today. We are still recovering from our vacation. ;) I would love to guest post for you, just let me know what you want. ;)
    Happy Monday!

  5. The jewelry swap sounds like fun! I do love baubles, probably more than I care to admit! And Stella and Dot always make me swoon a little. The party sounds fun!

  6. I LOVE the necklace you got in the swap, it's so pretty! And it's so neat that it's handmade too!

    The Tiny Heart
    Enter my Daisy Rae giveaway!

  7. Glad you skipped it in favor of that fabulous skirt. So cool about the swap! The bracelet and earrings combo remind me of your awesome blue wedges. I've definitely been dabbling more with jewelry lately. Accessorizing still isn't my strong point, but I'm learning.

  8. Pretty skirt and jewelry. I'd be interested in doing a guest-post, if you'd be interested in having me.

  9. what great jewelry! she made it all? wow! i am impressed!! i especially love that necklace!

  10. Fun jewelry!! A jewelry swap is a great idea!

  11. Pretty skirt! I love all the fun colors. Your jewelry is super gorgeous!

  12. I've been busy and missed a bunch of great outfits lately! you look great! :)

  13. You really scored in the blogger swap - that sounds so much fun. And I've seen lots of Stella and Dot on other bloggers and loved it, but don't own any.

  14. That swap sounds so fun. Loving your skirt! Dawn suitcase vignettes. Will there be another swap?

  15. Wasn't that swap so much fun?! So neat that all your jewelry was handmade - I especially love that necklace!!

    Jess - J's Style


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