Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A dress for all seasons

I am so excited about my outfit today!  I haven't worn this dress since winter and I've been wanting to pull it out all summer so far but haven't had the chance. Recently I got the idea to add my obi belt from Megan Mae when I saw Ki of Dressing Up For Life wearing her obi belt with a similar styled dress.  I was going to wear this together last week but due to the lady issues I mentioned yesterday I just had to put it off.  Today I was good to go though and I'm glad I waited because my newest order of buttonflowers from the fabulous Megan Mae came in the mail yesterday so I added one to my outfit as well and I love the entire look!

I still can't believe the versatility of this dress.  I've worn it in all types of weather now - nearly zero all the way up to 90 degrees.  Crazy!  It is probably one of my favorite pieces I own, if not the most favorite, it's definitely in the top five!

So last night we met up with a couple of friends at a nearby brewpub that we love, it totally has that Cheers "Everybody knows your name" vibe and they have amazing beer and a lovely patio.  We braved the heat and still sat on the patio because it was actually shaded pretty well and as the sun went down it was quite nice.  We were sending off one of our friends who leaves for Africa tomorrow for a two week trip.  We actually had a really interesting conversation about what type of clothes she should bring, not just for the weather, but what will be culturally acceptable.  It was a great night - though right towards the end I totally knocked over my glass of ice water and spilled the majority of it on my dress.  Let me tell you, if I was warm at all at that point, I sure wasn't after that!  I was proud of myself though, I did not break down in tears like I might have in the past and I even finished another round of cards before we left. (Yes we play cards at the pub.  That's how we roll.)

Today the Pants Monkey is off of work again and he is brewing his very first batch of all grain beer.  I won't bore you with tons of details as to what that means, but let's just say it's more "from scratch" than the other homebrew recipes he's done in the past.  I'm so proud of him for trying this out and I can't wait to taste the finished product in a few weeks!  As for me, it's work as usual and I should get back to it.  Have a great day!

Outfit rundown:
Dress - vintage, two birds
Obi belt - Megan Mae Daily
Buttonflower - Megan Mae Daily
Bracelet - Charming Charlie
Earrings - Butterfly Boutique
Sandals - Duck Head


  1. Oh, how pretty! The OBI and buttonflower make the dress sing. *Bravo!*

  2. I love the houndstooth print on the dress! It's so great when you find an item that you can wear year round!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Such a cute dress! And obviously very versatile for you! Hurray for the buttonflowers and obi!

  4. Cute dress!! Last night was so much fun!

  5. Lovely dress and it will be a great piece for Autumn/Winter too:)

  6. That dress is so classic and cute. It's definitely a year-rounder! I liked your story about being spilled on because it definitely reminded me of some moments in my life where I've had to sternly say to myself in my head, "I'm a grown-up and I will not cry!"

  7. I love how the cut of this dress fits you girl. And adding in those fun accessories was a great idea!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  8. i'm so glad you're getting great ware out of the dress! i love it belted...it gives it a whole new shape!

  9. Dogstooth is a classic! This could also have been your IM Monday outfit!

  10. This dress is amazing! I love it with the obi and buttonflower. This is possibly my second fav outfit of yours (the pink and green look still wins first). You are rockin' that belt!

  11. You are rockin' the MMD obi belt and houndstooth dress - super sophisticated.

    Re the crying. In hindsight, I realized I cried a lot in my 20s and then the tears started drying up - to the point that it is extremely difficult for me to cry now. Even when I want to.

  12. I have a dress in that same print! The shape is different though. I really love yours and how wonderful it looks with your belt. You look so lovely in it!

  13. I am just loving your houndstooth dress, I had a skirt that pattern that was so versatile as well! Very cute accessories from Megan and that's so neat your friend is off to Africa, what an adventure!

  14. This houndstooth pattern dress looks very pretty for summer. The obi belt and flower pin look great with it too.

  15. I love how obi belts look, they're a little more jazzed up than the normal belt. It looks really fantastic with your houndstooth dress. Speaking of which, I can see why you've been wearing it so much, it looks like there's so many different things you could wear with it. :)
    PS- thank you for the award! That was so sweetof you, you really made my day with that! ^_^

  16. The obi was a great idea! Years ago I used to bartender at a small pub that had the cheers feel to it. It's nice to have a place like that to go to.

  17. This is such a classic dress and style - love!


  18. I can see why you love it! It's so cute and looks like it would transition into each season really well. I can picture it looking adorable with tights, boots and a blazer.

  19. LOve this transitional dress! It would be perfect with tights and tall boots! :)

    Thanks again for letting me feature you!

  20. Mmmmm I want some of that beer! Drayton is off of work too...but here I am at my desk :( Hopefully we'll get some time tonight to spend together.

    <3 Cambria


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