Tuesday, July 10, 2012

EBEW - Block Party

Color Blocking: Everbody, Everywear

Yay, I'm so glad I remembered EBEW this month!  As soon as I saw the choice of color blocking, I decided I wanted to wear my yellow Shabby Apple skirt.  And no joke, I totally Googled "yellow skirt" and "color blocking" for some ideas yesterday.  I saw a couple of cobalt blue/yellow combinations and based on those, put together this.  I'm actually really loving how it turned out!  It may be my favorite way I've worn this skirt so far!

It also finally gave me a reason to wear these darn sandals again.  I have hardly worn them at all and I don't like that.  I need to find more ways to use them.  What's funny to me too is I wore these the last time I managed to participate in EBEW, even though it was a couple of months ago.  If you have only been to my blog on EBEW days I swear I own more shoes than this!

Looking at this outfit some more, I still absolutely love it, but now I'm also realizing, these were my school colors in high school.  Woo, Hylander Pride!  My senior year for some reason the popular thing for homecoming was to take a pair of jeans and attach a ton of blue and gold ribbons to the legs to look like pom poms.  I do remember doing this, but looking back, it was a waste of a good pair of jeans, because you cut holes in the legs to tie the ribbons through.  And it's not like you wore them again after homecoming.  But when you're 17 you don't really care that much about little things like wasting money I suppose!

Back to present day here, I added my favorite roomy bag because not only does it match my outfit, but it also is color blocked on it's own.  This is a better choice of a day to day bag than my cute little one from yesterday's outfits - though all the nice compliments I received on that bag have convinced me to not totally give up on it!  

Outfit rundown:
Shirt and sandals - Old Navy
Skirt - Shabby Apple 
Necklace - Stella and Dot w/Megan Mae buttonflower
Bracelet - Stella and Dot
Bag - Lillian's Shoppes


  1. Wow I live the vibrant yellow of your skirt! It looks lovely with blue :-)

  2. We're wearing the same colors today! I checked out EBEWs information you shared and submitted my fashion drawing. I hope they don't mind that it isn't a photo of me wearing it. Thanks for following my blog as you see I love fashion and drawing it's a fun way to have both together. Have a great day!

  3. Hehe, we're both wearing navy and yellow today! Those sandals go SO well with the colorblocked look. :)

    The Tiny Heart

  4. I love cobalt blue and bright yellow together! Those sandals are SO cute!!

  5. Very cool bag - love the colours here!

  6. I totally have those shoes! I got them about a month ago and have worn them twice so far, but they are tricky to style. There's just so much going on with the shoes, it's hard to pair them with anything else. My most recent outfit is very similar to yours here!

  7. Bright blue and yellow is a great color combo! and those shoes are amazing!

  8. i love these colors together. i think they were my high school colors, too!!

  9. You know I love yellow and I'm crazy about your skirt! And it's pretty dang hard to resist a pretty espadrille with ribbon ties!

  10. Omg that skirt. I fall in love with it every time you wear it. I finally thrifted a cotton yellow skirt. I had planned to wear it today, but put it off. Kicking myself now! I love the buttonflower on the chain and your fab colorblocked bag!

    Those shoes are so fab. I wonder if you could find a leather/pleater strap (bracelets? belts?) in a similar or nicely contrasting color, could you slip it in place of the ties? I imagine the ties make the shoes harder to style them, maybe I'm projecting. I could totally see some bright orange with those shoes though.

    Oh high school. I probably ruined so many things in the name of an event or costume.

  11. Oh my gosh. This has got to be my favorite outfit so far! It looks amazing on you. The blue and the yellow together is so stunning. Everything about his outfit screams fun!!!

  12. LOVE this! The cobalt and yellow look so good on you. And those shoes are so adorable. ;) I haven't worn cobalt and yellow together yet, but I have several outfits including both put together on my GCGH board! ;) Can't wait to try it out!

  13. I LOVE this color blocking outfit, Beth! That skirt is so bright and lots of awesome fun! And the bag is also a perfect touch of accessory color blocking! you double color blocked!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  14. Beth this is my favourite outfit of yours ever- sincerely that cobalt blue is so gorgeous on you, I love the sassy skirt and those shoes *swoon* they look so expensive, can't believe they're Old Navy! Very very pretty!!!

  15. Wow, look at that gorgeous yellow! You were bound to brighten up the day for many wearing this. You did a great job with the color blocking. Poo...I forgot about the link up and I'll probably miss it by the time I get something together. I'm not sure if I've even ever color blocked...at least not consciously....that I can remember.

  16. I love these colors together! I do really like those shoes too. You need to wear them more often for sure :)

  17. Haha, I love that you googled it! I really like the combo of blue and yellow, and that skirt is beautiful :)

  18. I laughed yesterday because I read your post right after I created a draft of mine. Too funny that we were both thinking of school spirit! :)

    I have to tell you, those shoes are amazing!! They're so unique looking - love them!

    Jess - J's Style


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