Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekend roundup

Hey everyone!  I'm just back from a three day weekend!  I ended up with Friday off for the Easter holiday which was awesome.  I spent a nice day with my little guy, we walked around the mall and had some fun playtime.  Then Friday night we had Mr. Monkey's parents babysit and we went to a beer benefit some friends were hosting in support of the March of Dimes.  It was nice to be out with adults!

Saturday I ran a 5k with my sister-in-law!  First 5k I've done in over two years and first time out seriously running since Oliver was born.  I wish I had been able to do a little more training before hand, but I'm proud to say I managed to run almost the entire way with just a few walk breaks and I finished in around 40 minutes, so I was pleased!  The race was the "Hot Chocolate 5k" so we got free chocolate goodies when we were done - um, yes I'll run three miles for chocolate!

The rest of Saturday was very quiet and relaxing, we took Ollie out for lunch and to get the Pants Monkey a haircut and then just vegged at home for a bit.  Watched a movie and had leftover night for dinner.

Sunday was Oliver's first Easter.  We gave him a basket of goodies - two new books and two new elephant toys.  He seems to be fascinated by elephants.  I sang at church in the morning with our music group.  I wore a really fun skirt/sweater combo that I was all set to share on the blog today - but then I had an embarrassing moment with the communion wine and I now have a stain on both the shirt and the skirt.  I rarely take the wine because I'm kind of a germ freak, but on special holidays like Christmas and Easter I will - I'm kind of regretting that decision now!

After church we went to a brunch with Mr. Monkey's family.  It was a buffet - I'm not crazy about buffets but there were a few decent things to eat - some amazing fresh fruit.  Oliver did really well - he gets overwhelmed in large crowds and has had some strange anxiety as of late, but he warmed up to people pretty well after awhile.  After brunch we brought him home to nap for a bit and then we finished out our day with dessert with my parents.  

Back to the grind today, my sister-in-law gave me this pretty sweater that wasn't working for her, so I decided today would be a good day to wear it - it's warmish outside - not as warm as yesterday, but still pretty nice.  And I've been just craving color lately.  It's my goal to wear something colorful every day of this week!

Sweater - The Limited, from SIL
Pants - Alfani, Macy's 
Sandals - Merona, Target
Necklace - S&D

Lookie - bare feet!  It's so awesome having nice enough weather to wear sandals again!  But of course, as I always say at this time of year - I need a pedicure now!  The last one I had was the week before Oliver was born, so I'm very much overdue for another one!!  I'm just so happy that spring seems to be here!


  1. Very cute outfit! Awesome about the 5k!! What a great time (especially since you haven't gone running in 2 years.) Glad to hear that you had a good Easter with your families! Love you!

  2. That sweater is so flattering on your -- the style and the colour just make you shine!

  3. That teal is such a pretty color on you! Congrats on running the 5k! Chocolate at the end is great motivation, haha.

    I hope you can get the wine stain out!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. I love that color on you!! My dad is also a germ freak and actually researched the whole wine at church thing and found out that the alcohol will kill the germs that would otherwise be spread...if that helps!

  5. Nice ensemble Bethie, and have on sandals. Yay warm weather for MN gals, finally! Oliver is so cute and he is just a month younger than my grandson Baby Z. Whahoooo for babydom. Glad you liked my outfit "set". I never now what to term those type of posts. Set works. thanks, ♥, Renae

  6. I love this spring look! Oliver is just such a cutie! Awesome job on the 5k! I have a 10k that I am supposed to be training for, and have not done it yet. Whoops.

  7. Teal looks awesome on you. I have a dark silver version of that sweater. And I too need a pedicure.
    Good for you for running a 5K. You had quite the weekend being Easter and all. I like Ollie's Easter Basket goodies. Vivian likes elephants too. Need to get her some more.

  8. The sweater is beautiful! I try not to take the wine if I have a nasty cold, so I don't spread it to other peopel!x

  9. that is a really flattering sweater, and i love the color - i'm so glad it's finally warming up for us in MN, too!

  10. Sounds like such a fun weekend!! My brother's girlfriend wanted to do the hot chocolate 5k here in Columbus last year, but we had a wedding out of state that weekend and couldn't join in. And that sweater looks great on you - that's definitely one of my favorite colors. How nice of your sister-in-law to think of you when it didn't work for her!

    Jess - J's Style

  11. Lovely sweater on you, Beth! Great colour.


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