Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Inspiration Monday on a Tuesday

Since I didn't have an idea for an outfit for the Pinned It Spinned It challenge for today, I thought I'd swing back and hit up the Inspiration Monday look for the week from two birds instead!  I saw this cute striped dress from January Jones and knew I had several options in my closet that would work!

I just love black and white stripes.  I realized this weekend I have a few striped items!  Anyway, I pulled together kind of a double stripe thing with a dress and a jacket - and leggings because while it's warming up here in MN, it's chilly in the mornings some days!  It's a good thing I did too, my office was an ice box when I got to work today!  I also am wearing a pair of the shoes I got from my cousin.

Jacket - F21, two birds garage sale
Dress - swap
Leggings - Simply Vera, Kohls
Shoes - Michael Kors, from cousin
Necklace - gift from friend 

Seeing January Jones up there reminds that Mad Men is starting up again.  We're a few seasons behind, but have found that Amazon streaming has some of the seasons we need to catch up on, so I think we'll be doing that soon since one of our other shows (Shameless) just finished it's season.  I love Amazon streaming, it really helps with binge watching tv shows and you can stop and pause and restart if you need to which we've done a couple of nights if Ollie wakes up and needs us.  It's worth my Prime membership, I'll say that much!

For other Inspiration Monday looks, visit two birds over here.


  1. I lurv how you mixed the stripes. It terrifies me to think about trying that, but you made it look awesome!

  2. CUTE! You can wear this with different colored tights and it will never get old. I like the idea of the leggings though, it is still cold out there!

  3. What a fun dress/tunic! I am a classic marathon TV watcher, and I love Amazon tv!!

  4. Ok for some reason I have never been a fan of horizontal stripes, but I love that jacket and I really dig your outfit. Something about the stripe mixing and the cool tuxedo look with leggings, white socks, and black pumps. Super thumbs-up.

  5. Aww love the stripes on stripes!


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