Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Currently in October

It's a new month!  I can't believe how fast September flew by.  Since it is also the first Wednesday of the month, I'm participating in Jenna from Dearest Love and Anne from In Residence's Currently link up.  

--Currently I am--

Smelling - All things Fall!  Pulled out some fall candles, wearing my favorite Fall scents from Bath and Body Works, I even love the smell of falling leaves outside!  

Loving - Cool nights and snuggling under our warm comforter.  My friends, my family, my kitties and of course my two favorite boys!

Planning - Our annual Oktoberfest later this month - we're holding it a little later than true German Oktoberfest, but that's just how it goes sometimes. We didn't have it last year due to my pregnancy and the replacement of our front window, so I'm excited to be back at it this year.  We've got some awesome homebrew at the ready! I am also actually starting to get into planning mode for Oliver's 1st birthday (just over two months away, eek!) but it's still mostly just thoughts in my head about what we want to do.

Baking - Haven't done too much of that, but I have a couple of days off coming up here and I think I'm going to take advantage and make some apple crisp or apple pie.  I'm also in the mood to bake cookies, so that might happen too.  Last weekend we did made homemade applesauce, but I don't know that I consider that baking as much as cooking.  But I will say, this recipe found here at Twin Cities Mom's Blog is super delicious.

Celebrating - My sister-in-law's best friend Lindsey, who has by extension become a good friend to me as well, is getting married this weekend!  We can't wait to celebrate with her!

(Lindsey on Halloween a couple years ago as Jem)

October is looking to be a busy, but fun month!  I also have to get moving on Oliver's first Halloween costume.  We have an idea of what we're doing, just need to get some supplies.  I get the feeling time will go pretty quick here!  Just going to enjoy every moment!

What are you currently doing?
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