Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Currently in November

I think the "Currently" link up has seriously become one of my favorites of each month, I look forward to joining in and sharing current activities and favorites based on the prompts!  So without further ado, here is my Currently post for November!
--Currently I am--

Reading - a book I picked up when I was still pregnant called The Mommy Diaries - Finding Yourself in the Daily Adventure.  It's a series of essays written by moms, kind of reminds me of Chicken Soup for The Soul.  I'm enjoying it and I love that I can read one short snippet as I have time.  It's been a nice refreshing read.

Wishlisting - SO much stuff.  With my birthday coming up and Christmas not far behind it, I'm almost always making a list this time of year.  Topping my wishlist would be a decent pair of black skinny pants, more pixie pants from Old Navy in every color imaginable, some gift cards to go shopping as I continue re-defining my style as I talked about yesterday, Amy Poehler's new book, this adorable fox mug from my favorite coffee shop,  some new pajamas to replace some of my rattier pairs, cozy sweaters, Taylor Swift's new CD (don't judge me!), I could really go on and on!

Loving - This life.  I know that's so general, but I have so much in my life that I'm so thankful for and I don't take any of it for granted!

Appreciating - Everything Nate does for me.  He's just the best ever.  He cooks us dinner every night, even when he's totally wiped from the workday.  He spent all day last Sunday fixing up the low spot in our backyard so we will hopefully not get water in the house again next spring.  He's a great husband and a great father and I just appreciate him so much!

Creating - Working creating invitations for Oliver's birthday party, creating lists of blog posts to write, creating lists of gift ideas for myself and for Oliver's birthday and Christmas.  Getting ready to start creating a scrapbook of Oliver's first year with the help of a good friend who is extremely creative at scrapbooking.  Lots of creating coming up, which is funny because I'm not super creative!

So there you have it!  What are you currently up to?  I'm especially interested in what other people are currently reading, but feel free to share anything in the comments!  And head over to our "Currently" hosts Anne and Jenna's  blogs to check what other bloggers are up to!
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