Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thrift Style Thursday - Hats

Ok so first off - thank you from the bottom of my heart on the love and support on yesterday's post. You all are just the best!  As my favorite fish from Finding Nemo says "just keep swimming" am I right?  Anyway, now on to one of the best days of the week - Thrift Style Thursday!

So the theme this week is Fall Hats - I kind of cheated a little, this hat I'm featuring today was not thrifted, but it was made for me as a gift, so I feel that still makes it relatively thrifty!  My sister-in-law is an extremely talented crocheter (is that the right word for someone who crochets?) and knitter. A couple of years ago she decided to do a mystery pattern - you signed up, received the yarn and instructions but you didn't know what you were making until it was finished.  It ended up being this hat and when it was done she realized it would be perfect for me - it's a color I love and the style is something I like as well, so it became my birthday gift that year!

It's definitely warm and I like wearing it when I go walking outside in the Fall and Winter - especially if it's darker out, you'll definitely see me coming in this hat!  She's made me a couple of other hats before too, but this one is definitely my favorite!  She has also made me scarves too and I'm kind of excited about my birthday present for this year - I already know what it is because I commissioned her for it, it's kind of a snood, I can't wait to show it off when I get it, I understand it's already done too!

It's definitely cold enough outside for hats and scarves and mittens all of a sudden.  After our snowstorm this week we were plunged into winter.  And it's not going to get warmer anytime soon.  I think I was right when I said earlier this week that last weekend was possibly the last time we'll get to go disc golf!

 Hat - handmade by sister-in-law, Dress - H&M
Vest - swap, Tights and boots - Old Navy
Tired child - courtesy of teething
 (he is wearing a thrifted Gymboree shirt and pants)

I don't always keep my hats on after coming inside in the winter, sometimes they are more for the function of keeping me warm than for the fashion, but I got into wearing them more last winter after Oliver was born.  Some days it was easier than dealing with my hair!  How about you - are your hats more functional or fashionable or both?
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