Monday, November 17, 2014

Roller Coaster Weekend

It was a bit of an up and down weekend at our house.  Overall I'd say I've had better, but we press on! Here's a little recap so you can see what I mean.

Friday I was lucky enough to get out for another Twin Cities Moms Blog event down at the new Premium Outlet Mall in Eagan, MN.  It was a ton of fun, they had free wine, free waxing and lots of swag as always and of course, being at the outlet mall you couldn't not shop!  I snagged some great stuff for Oliver at the Gymboree and Janie and Jack Outlets.  There also may have been a stop in the Coach Outlet and everything in the store might have been 50% off and my enabler friends might have convinced me to buy this purse.

Happy early birthday to me!  It's a great size, shape and color for winter and what can I say, I'm weak. Nate's grandmother in St. Louis always sends us money for our birthdays so I'll just say this was an advance on the check that's coming or something like that!

Saturday we braved the cold weather and met up with Erin from Due Midwest Photography to get our family photos taken for our Christmas card and some fun ones in advance of Ollie's first birthday.  I think she got some cute shots, I'm anxious to see how they turn out!

The rest of the day on Saturday found both Nate and I not feeling the greatest, but we pulled ourselves together enough to go have dinner at his parents house.  While Nate made some soup to bring over there Ollie played his new favorite game, Peek A Boo Taylor.

We had a nice dinner with Nate's parents but headed home pretty early since we were both kind of wiped out from feeling slightly lousy and not sleeping great on Friday.

I slept much better Saturday night thankfully.  Nate still wasn't 100% but seemed like he was doing pretty good, so we got Ollie out of the house for a bit during the day and walked at the mall.  We hung out and laid low otherwise and then had dinner with some friends in the evening and enjoyed some time in their hot tub.  Then after we got home the roller coaster dipped down again and Nate woke up in the night when I was up feeding Ollie and was pretty sick.  So it was a bit of a long night after that and I am dragging a bit today.

I managed to dress Ollie and I in pretty cute matching fox looks today though even being dog tired!  I got this cute new shirt for him at the Gymboree Outlet and I couldn't resist!

I had to wear my favorite fox shirt to match of course!  I didn't manage to get a picture of the two of us together, but I still thought we matched each other pretty well because once again, I am a Mom Dork.  (I should make a new hashtag for that).

Nate stayed home today to try to get a bit of rest and over this bug.  I mostly feel pretty good other than being tired and now we're just hoping beyond hope Ollie doesn't catch it!  We're hoping maybe he had a touch of food poisoning and therefore wasn't necessarily contagious, but I guess time will tell.  So there you go, a good and not so good weekend, but on we go!  How was your weekend?
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