Friday, November 28, 2014

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I can't wrap up this month of giving thanks without celebrating the one person in the world who means more to me than anyone else.  I saved him for last because not only did I have a birthday this week, so did he, so it seems fitting to give him this final TIGF for November.  I tend to put Nate on a lot of my TIGF lists, but believe me, he deserves every bit of of praise and thanks I can give him. Cause while you all may think I am pure sunshine and roses every single day, well, yeah, not really. I'm a woman after all!  He's a saint for what he puts up with from me sometimes!

He does so much for me and Oliver and he does it without being asked or expected to.  He just does it.  He cooks us dinner every night.  He loves to cook so one day we just started sort of letting him be the one to make all of our meals and I have never appreciated it as much as I have in the last year and a half of being pregnant and then having Oliver.  And everything he makes is pretty damn good I must say, I'm very spoiled in this department!

He works hard, so, SO hard, at a job he doesn't always love, because he knows it helps our family. He is working hard to try to advance as well because he cares about the future of our family.  

He is a part of the Christian music group that we're both in, even if it isn't his most favorite thing in the world, he does it because it's something he can do with me and he knew it was extremely important to me.

He encourages me to slow down and have some fun.  I've always been a bit high strung, gotta get this done or that done now.  He reminds me to stop and smell the roses.  He always knows what I need before I do and can recognize when I'm getting burned out sometimes even before I do - he'll remind me to take a day off of work or to go take some extra time in my bath at night or he'll simply pour me a beer or a glass of wine and just sit and chat with me if I need it.  He never complains if I need to take some time out with my girlfriends, he's always happy to be sole parent in charge of Oliver for a few hours so I can get out and do that.  The other day he said something like "I know you need your friends, you get snaky without them sometimes."

And of course, speaking of Oliver, he is simply the most amazing father.  While he always wanted to be a dad, he was worried he might not be a good dad, but from day one he was a total and complete natural.  When Ollie was a newborn, he could rock a swaddle better than anyone I knew and was far speedier at diaper changes than I was!  He's taken such care with making Ollie's food and teaching him to eat solids.  He has been a huge support in all the things that fall to mom - with nursing and night wakings and what not.  And the two of them just light up when they play together, it makes me smile more than anything.

We've been together 16 1/2 years, married for 8 1/2 years and parents for almost 1 year and there is no one in this entire world I could imagine going on these journeys with.  I just simply can't remember a point in my life without Nate in it.  He is my person.  He is my everything.  And I'll never stop being grateful for not just all he does for me but for the life we've built together.  

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