Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Today I'm excited to share a couple of places I've been honored to be featured recently!  I am not one to toot my own horn, so that's not what I'm doing here, but I wanted to share because I'm proud of both of these things.

First up, I wasn't going to choose a word for 2015.  I wrote a post here about how I was instead going to go with more of a "mantra" instead.  But then fellow MN Blogger Aimee from Why I Left My Job emailed a bunch of bloggers asking what our "word" was for 2015 and if we'd be willing to photograph ourselves with it and send to her to include in a blog post.  I started really thinking about it and actually, while I'm still totally going with my "let it go" mantra, that's only a small part of what I'm working on for 2015.  I decided I do have a word.  My word is "embrace".  Embrace new adventures, embrace where my life is, where my life is going.  Embrace change.  Embrace everything.  In other words, I'm facing life head on and trying to live more without fear.  

Aimee's post went live yesterday and I was so inspired by her word (magical) and her thoughts and reflections and also the words and thoughts from many other awesome women about what they want to work on in 2015.  I was almost a little humbled to be included among so many amazing writers.  I found some new blogs I haven't read before and I look forward to getting to know all these ladies and learning more about them.  Please head over to Aimee's blog and read the post - I hope you will find yourself as inspired as I was!

Then I am excited to finally share some awesome pictures from TC Style Magazine that I was featured in!  Jasmine, the sweet girl who is behind this new style magazine in the Twin Cities, invited me to write a feature about vintage items.  We did a super fun photo shoot back in October with two of my own pieces and one that she brought from Primp Boutique that was vintage inspired.  I am so thrilled to be a part of this issue along with one of my fellow Thrift Style Thursday gals Zhenya of Being Zhenya.  You can view the entire magazine online over here.  My feature starts on page 16! Thank you again for including me Jasmine, I had a ton of fun!

These things just made my week, I am constantly amazed by this awesome online community, the connections I've made and continue to make and the fun opportunities that come my way sometimes!

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