Monday, January 5, 2015


And just like that the holidays are over.  The last gifts unwrapped.  The decorations put away (well, ok, I'm only about halfway through that process).  And, back to a regular working schedule.  As long as we all stay healthy (knock on wood) I plan to take no time off in January to try to catch up from all the time I was off in December!

So today is the first day of a full work week and I'm sharing an outfit post today.  I do a lot of style challenges and you see that if you follow me on Instagram.  This month I'm keeping it simple and only doing one, the Pinned It Spinned It challenge.  I'm not going to push myself to necessarily do every single day, but I like the pins that the girls chose this time, so I figured if I can put something together, I will.  Here is what they found for today.

So I said, sure, I'll be a crazy lady and wear a skirt on what seems to be the coldest morning of the winter so far here in Minnesota.  Why not?  I have sweater tights at least, so that does seem to be helping keep me a little warmer!

The weather today is making me wish more and more I had a remote starter on my car, that is for sure!  I made sure that both Oliver and I were bundled up pretty good this morning!  I can't decide if it's easier now that he's older or if it was easier when he was a newborn and I could just stuff a bunch of blankets around him!

Sweater - vintage (b. a resale shop), Skirt - Target
Sweater tights - Old Navy, Boots - Target
Scarf - from Secret Santa swap 

So there you have it!  Now that the holidays are over I should be back to a fairly normal blogging schedule around here.  I have to say while I love the holiday season, there is something to be said for normalcy!!

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